HILT currently offers three types of funding to seed experimentation: Spark Grants, Targeted Support, and Student Pilot Fund.

  • Funding for faculty and staff: Our Spark and Targeted Support Grants were created for our faculty and staff community to encourage teaching and learning innovations that primarily benefit the Harvard community. The goal of this fund is to nurture a culture of innovation around teaching and learning across Harvard.
  • Funding for students: Our new Pilot Fund is a funding mechanism for students from all schools at all levels who have early-stage ideas to improve education broadly – at Harvard or beyond. The goal of this new fund is to help students gain traction with their ideas and to learn an innovation mindset.

See current funding opportunities for more details.

History of HILT Grants

The first phase (2011-2013) of the HILT Grants Program was designed to catalyze innovative activities and promote effective learning and teaching across the University. In phase two (2014-2016), HILT bifurcated the Grants Program into semesterly Spark Grants—awards of $5K-$15K designed to help “spark” promising teaching and learning projects from idea to reality and position innovations for future success—and Cultivation Grants of up to $200K, designed to extend promising educational innovations into new intellectual and institutional contexts, and to rigorously investigate the potential of their wide-scale adoption across the University.

In phase three (2017-present), based on the successes, challenges, and feedback from previous grant award recipients, the HILT Grants Program continues to offer Spark Grants as well as two new grant initiatives:Targeted Support and Student Pilot Funds.