Faculty scholarly working papers on teaching and learning

Awardee: Dan Levy (HKS)

Summary: Awardee will incentivize and support the publishing of faculty studies of curricula and host related events.

Every day, Harvard Kennedy School faculty conduct research that informs public policy across the world. While this cutting-edge work manifests in many ways, one of its most prolific is in Working Papers, published on-line both at the School level and within its many research centers. Through this mechanism, faculty share their expertise in a public format that can be responded to and built upon.

The new Faculty Working Paper Series on Teaching and Learning, posted to SLATE’s Research & Innovation Gallery website, aims to engage that same scholarly energy in creating resources to inform instructional practices. Some HKS faculty have already engaged in these kinds of explorations, presenting on their findings to well-attended faculty seminars, but not yet having the resources to publish their findings.

In addition to publishing these papers (below), this project will further incentivize and expand the work to a greater number of faculty, impacting the HKS teaching and learning culture more extensively. The overarching purpose of the Working Paper Series is to motivate and support faculty in approaching their teaching as they do their research: posing inquiries, experimenting and gathering data, and reflecting on and disseminating the results.