SLab 2.0

Awardee: Alexander Rehding and Chris Danforth (FAS)

Summary: Professor Rehding will build upon his previously awarded HILT grant to develop an enhanced version of the Sound Studios Lab with SLab 2.0, which will be more of a “lab” in the scientific sense: a space for experimentation and exchange, with a community of researchers who will work collaboratively on a range of sound-related projects combining research and creative work particularly focused on exploring “Sound as a Conveyor of Knowledge,” and offering a range of services to the broader Harvard community.

With Advance Grant funding, Rehding established regular lab meetings to refine the goals of SLab 2.0, updated equipment in the lab to accommodate the increased usage of the space, designed a website to host a repository of digital projects and to highlight current student projects, and hosted masterclasses open to the Harvard community.