Transforming team-learning teaching cases for online platforms: scaling up an e-learning module development project to expand reach across Harvard and to public health professionals in field settings

Awardees: S. Bryn Austin (HMS-CH), Chris Dede (HGSE), Holly Gooding (HMS-BWH), Megan Kipp (M.Ed. ’10), Lori Garg (HMS-CH), Adrienne Phelps-Coco (DCE), and Karina Lin (DCE)

Summary: Awardees will extend the transformation of traditional to online cases across Harvard by developing a new e-module for delivering teaching cases on-line to public health professionals in field settings, and convening a cross-Harvard workshop to share best practices.

Building on the work of their 2016 Spark Grant, Dr. Austin and team will extend a prototype for transforming traditional teaching cases into e-learning modules by developing a new e-module designed for continuing professional education online platforms. The team will also convene a cross-Harvard workshop to provide a structured forum to share activities and solutions for taking traditional case-method teaching to online platforms.

The resulting transformation of cases into an e-learning module will:

  1. provide a wider, more inclusive forum in which to solicit community ideas and input;
  2. allow public health professionals working in public health settings (e-learners) to develop skills in designing a social marketing campaign with attention to evidence and ethical concerns; and
  3. inform a report gleaning best practices for transforming active-learning teaching cases designed for traditional in-person classroom use into e-modules for online learning communities.