Rubric Visualization Project

Awardees: Zachary Nowak (FAS), Daniel Jamous, Jeremy Guillette (HUIT)

Summary: Awardees will create a program to transform raw rubric data into an easy-to-understand visualization that shows which part of an assignment students best performed on and which parts they need help with.

Building upon a pilot project collaboration between Zachary Nowak, Daniel Jamous, and the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, awardees will develop a Canvas plug-in tool which will convert points on a rubric into a visual display that allows the user to quickly and effectively grasp what aspects of an assignment students have performed well on and those that require additional work. The goal is to engage students in a powerful and accurate feedback process that will be more timely.

After developing and testing this new tool, the project team will create short “how to” documents for both the instructor and academic technology staff for implementation.