Teachly: A research project

Awardees: Dan Levy, Theodore Svoronos, Karti Subramanian, and Sarah Hamma (HKS)

Summary: Awardees aim to study the effectiveness of Teachly, a software tool designed to help faculty teach more inclusively and effectively.

Teachly was developed at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) to help faculty members teach more inclusively and effectively. The tool enables faculty to get to know their students and interact with them in a meaningful way through the robust data infrastructure. The ed-tech application allows faculty to track student participation in real-time and generates session-by-session analytics to identify patterns and help flag students that may be falling through the cracks.

To date, Teachly has been used by 33 faculty members in 44 classrooms at HKS. Awardees will study the effectiveness of the tool as it relates to improvement in personalized learning for students.

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