Affinity Groups

The TLC network convenes Affinity Groups around shared teaching and learning interests and professional objectives. Harvard affiliates are welcome to join Affinity Groups at the links below to receive more information about meetings and events.

Case Studies

case book pictureA forum for discussion around topics related to case development, distribution, marketing, sales, and teaching and learning via the case method. In the spirit of collaboration, the HILT Affinity Group for Case Studies aims to share best practices across the Schools in an effort to advance case teaching, improve operations, and ultimately expand global impact in this area.




  • Rachel Gordon, Case Writer and Research Associate (HLS)
  • Laura Madden, Associate Director, Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence Initiative (HKS)

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Learning Data & Analytics

analytics picture computer bar graphsConnects Harvard community members with an interest in the collection and analysis of data about student learning for the purpose of understanding and improving teaching and learning outcomes. We aim to learn about, share, and develop tools and practices for accessing and analyzing learning data. Topics of current interest include: 1) investigation of currently available learning analytics tools such as the VPAL data products, 2) discussion of the design and implementation of effective measures of student learning, including course evaluations, and 3) the policies surrounding access to analytics data.


  • Daniel Seaton, Product Owner, Digital Assets for Reuse in Teaching (DART)
  • Alexandra Sedlovskaya, Assistant Director, C. Roland Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning (HBS)

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Learning Design

light bulb pictureA community of practice comprised of staff and faculty across Harvard interested in or working in the areas of learning/instructional design, learning assessment, and educational technology. A forum for people to support and share new approaches to learner-centered design and bridging technology with pedagogy. Through online discussions and in-person gatherings, the HILT Affinity Group for Learning Design (LD) supports a network for informal consulting in learning design across Harvard.


  • Maria Flanagan, Associate Director for Digital Learning Design, Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence Initiative (HKS)
  • Kris Markman, Director of Organizational Learning, Harvard Library
  • Neil Patch, Instructional Designer, (HBS)

For more information, request to join the mailing list. Subscribers must sign up using their Harvard email address. Please contact Kris Markman with any questions.

Learning Spaces

people at table pictureOrganizes events throughout the year to highlight newly renovated spaces around campus and explore how well-designed learning spaces promote student learning. Additionally, the HILT Affinity Group for Learning Spaces will work toward developing shared resources and networks to support effective local decision-making.


  • Annie Rota, Director of Academic Technology for FAS (HUIT)
  • Mallory Stark, Curriculum Services Specialist, Baker Library

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Simulations & Games

cube puzzle pictureA community of practice open to anyone in the Harvard community using or interested in the educational uses and value of simulations and games technologies in teaching and learning. Members will share and disseminate ideas at regular forums, workshops, and events to showcase examples of simulations, gaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality in the curriculum, and form a group of practitioners and advocates for using simulation and gaming in teaching and learning. Learn about the work being done with simulations and games across the Harvard community and share your experience and your work with others in this growing community.


  • Erin Baumann, Associate Director of Professional Pedagogy, Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence Initiative (HKS)
  • Marty Schreiner, Director of Maps, Media, Data, and Government Information, Harvard College Library (FAS)

For more information, request to join the mailing list. To participate in event and activity planning, join the small Affinity Group Council for Simulations & Games by contacting co-chairs Erin Baumann or Marty Schreiner.

Download the Affinity Groups PDF Overview.

Meetings & Events

W 4/24 Learning Design: Lunch & Learn Webinar, “Exploring Teaching & Learning Support Groups Across Harvard.” Learning design support across Harvard comes in many shapes and sizes — from formally established comprehensive centers to smaller teams that provide more targeted services. Because support for teaching & learning is diffused across the schools, it can be hard to get a big-picture view of what’s available, and more importantly, to understand the similarities and differences in support needs across the university. This interactive webinar will bring together a panel of experts from across Harvard in a conversation about how they support learning design in their local contexts. Audience participation is encouraged!

12:00pm-1:00pm, Join via Zoom

Adam Beaver, Director of Pedagogy and Practice, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, FAS
Josh Bookin, Associate Director of Instructional Support and Development, Teaching and Learning Lab, HGSE
David Bozzi, Director of the Teaching and Learning Technology, IT, HMS
Alexandra Sedlovskaya, Assistant Director of the Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning, HBS
Sejal Vashi, Manager of Digital Learning, IT – Media and Educational Technology Services, HSPH
T 5/7 Case Studies: “Anatomy of Case-Base Collaborative Learning (CBCL) at HMS.” Learn and experience the case study method as practiced by the Harvard Medical School. First experience Case-Based Collaborative Learning, a new form of flipped pedagogy introduced into the HMS curriculum and then step back as a consultant to grapple with some of the challenges HMS has encountered as it has adopted this new curriculum.
3:00pm-4:30pm, TMEC106 at HMS Register here