Affinity Groups

The TLC network convenes Affinity Groups around shared teaching and learning interests and professional objectives. Harvard affiliates are welcome to join Affinity Groups at the links below to receive more information about meetings and events.

Learning Data & Analytics


Learning Data & Analytics Connects Harvard community members with an interest in the collection and analysis of data about student learning for the purpose of understanding and improving teaching and learning outcomes. We aim to learn about, share, and develop tools and practices for accessing and analyzing learning data. Topics of current interest include 1) investigation of currently available learning analytics tools such as the VPAL data products, 2) discussion of the design and implementation of effective measures of student learning, including course evaluations, and 3) the policies surrounding access to analytics data.

Led by co-chairs:
B. Kevin Lau, Head of Instructional Technology Group and Library (GSD); Patrice Torcivia, Associate Director of Learning Design (HGSE).

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Learning Design

Learning Design logo A community of practice comprised of staff and faculty across Harvard interested in or working in the areas of learning design, learning assessment, and instructional innovation. A forum for people to support and share new approaches to learner-centered design and bridging technology with pedagogy. Through online channels and in-person gatherings, the HILT Affinity Group for Learning Design (LD) supports a network for informal consulting in learning design across Harvard.

Led by co-chairs:
Vanessa Aller, Education Training Specialist (HMS); Karina Lin-Murphy, Manager of Faculty Development (DCE); Neil Patch, Online Learning Manager (HKS).

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Learning Spaces

Logo for Learning Spaces Affinity Group Organizes events throughout the year to highlight newly renovated spaces around campus and explore how well-designed learning spaces promote student learning. Additionally, the HILT Affinity Group for Learning Spaces will work toward developing shared resources and networks to support effective local decision-making.

Led by co-chairs:
Annie Rota, Director of Academic Technology for FAS (HUIT); Mallory Stark, Curriculum Services Specialist, Baker Library; Ian Tosh, Senior Instructional Technologist (HKS)

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Research-Informed Teaching & Learning

Research-Informed Teaching and Learning Brings together Harvard instructors, researchers, and staff to discuss insights from scholarly research on higher education and adult learning. In this cross-disciplinary community of practice, participants will engage with foundational and emerging research on the learning sciences, and reflect on and workshop opportunities to apply learning science findings to their own disciplinary context. Furthermore, we invite Harvard researchers to share their own work on learning in higher education (which might be in the form of SoTL, DBER, or research in related fields such as cognitive psychology or sociology) with other educational professionals and instructors. Through in-person and online events, the HILT Affinity Group for Research-Informed Teaching and Learning (RITL) aims to support, promote, and innovate with evidence-based instruction across the Harvard network.

Led by co-chairs:
Kate Hamilton, Assistant Director of Faculty Programs, SLATE (HKS); Tamara Brenner, Executive Director, Bok Center (FAS); Becca Miller, Associate Director, Curriculum Design and Assessment, Teaching & Learning Lab (HGSE)

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Affinity Group Meetings & Events

W 4/28 12PM Learning Design: “Student Success Initiatives.” Please join the HILT Learning Design affinity group for a webinar on recent student success initiatives featuring colleagues from across the Harvard University community. Each of the panel’s presenters will share experiences from the past year related to work supporting their respective learner audiences, along with the challenges and future opportunities this unexpected and prolonged disruption has presented. Register in advance for the Zoom Meeting..
F 5/7 11AM Research-Informed Teaching & Learning: “Distracted: Using the Science of Learning to Cultivate Student Attention.” It often seems that the current generation of students is more distracted than ever, especially given the proliferation of technology at our fingertips. In the face of ever-present distractions, how can we cultivate students’ attention in order to foster deep learning? In this first meeting of the Research-Informed Teaching and Learning (RITL) Affinity Group, we will share research-based insights from James Lang’s new book Distracted: Why Students Can’t Focus and What You Can Do About It (2020) and collectively brainstorm applications to our own work as educators. (No need to read the book beforehand!) We will also make time to discuss future directions for this affinity group. Register in advance for the Zoom Meeting..