“Making space” for interdisciplinary critical thinking

Awardees: Megan Panzano and Lisa Haber-Thomson (GSD/FAS)

Summary: Awardees will offer a series of interdisciplinary workshops that develop critical thinking through making.

Instructors Megan Panzano and Lisa Haber-Thomson aim to fill a need for project-based learning at Harvard by providing both physical and conceptual space for students to work on design projects. The space will be outfitted with technology (fabrication equipment and presentation platforms) for students to design and fabricate visually communicative objects such as architectural drawings, diagrams, and physical models.

They plan to develop a series of interdisciplinary workshops in the “Making Space” bringing together students within the Architecture Studies program and students from other schools across Harvard College. This pedagogical approach will encourage critical thinking, sharing of methodologies, and collaborative learning across the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields. The project will culminate in a term-end open exhibition event in the “Making Space” featuring the interdisciplinary work produced via the scheduled workshops and in an online, open-source written report available to the broader Harvard community.