Development of Student-run Podcasts as an Innovative Learning and Communication Tool

Awardees: Natalie DuPre, E. Francis Cook, Myroslava Makuch, and Sejal Vashi (SPH)

Summary: Awardees will develop training workshops to teach students to communicate technical knowledge to broader audiences through podcasting.

The project team, consisting of curriculum fellows, learning designers, and faculty from Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, aims to equip students with skills and an effective tool to communicate disciplinary-specific jargon to broader (non-expert) audiences. The team will explore the use of podcasts as one tool to teach students to develop this skill.

Specific aims are to: (1) build a podcast infrastructure that is conducive and sustainable for student use; (2) develop an on-campus and an online podcasting workshop to train students; and (3) build a podcast library of student generated podcasts. All of which can be used by the broader community.