How digital education transforms residential teaching: Systematic analysis of faculty attitudes and experiences creating MOOCs

Awardees: Tiffany Wong, Drew Lichtenstein, and Selen Turkay (CADM)

Summary: Awardees will synthesize instructors’ pedagogically relevant experiences and lessons learned making Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and create a set of best practices.

The process of developing Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) at HarvardX empowers faculty to creatively re-conceptualize residential courses for an online audience, however there is no single, systematic approach to accomplish this. Each course is designed according to the faculty member’s pedagogical approach. Little is known about the actual experiences of the instructors making these MOOCs, including how they choose their pedagogical approaches, how their residential teaching influences these approaches, and how teaching a MOOC impacts their residential teaching in return.

HarvardX Project Leads Tiffany Wong and Drew Lichtenstein will develop a survey instrument to ask important questions—e.g., Do faculty members find MOOC development rewarding? How do they bring what they learn from the development of their MOOC into their residential courses? —to create a set of best practices that will benefit future instructors of online courses.