The Videographic essay: Innovating a multimedia pedagogical tool for 21st Century scholarship

Awardee: Pierre Bélanger (GSD)

Summary: Awardee will articulate the scholarly development of the use of the “videographic essay” as a method for communicating knowledge, compiling research, and synthesizing arguments, and organize a 2015 special workshop on multimedia methods.

As a methodology and technology for learning, the “videographic essay” is an emergent pedagogical tool that can serve as a research instrument and communication device for multimedia scholarship. Using videographics, and other time-based media, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture Pierre Bélanger (GSD) will model a simple and innovative way for testing and prototyping methods associated with the production of the “essay” in the critical representation of research and imaging of knowledge. He will test the method in three courses at the Graduate School of Design: “Landscape as Infrastructure”, “The Oceanic Turn”, and “Media as Method.” He will also organize a special workshop in an effort to build a culture of video-based scholarship, bringing together creators and innovators (from journalists to entrepreneurs) whose scholarship not only depends on videographic methods but whose research is collectively and creatively generated by new visual, spatial and temporal media that is searchable, scalable, and shareable.