Learning from leaders: Weaving a leadership narrative into the educational experience

This video was produced and edited by The Leadership Studio at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Awardees: Ian Lapp (SPH), Miranda Daniloff Mancusi (SPH), Deane Eastwood (SPH), Betty Johnson (SPH), Lisa Mirowitz (SPH), Alexandria King-Close (SPH), Robert Blendon (HKS/SPH)

Summary: Awardees plan to edit existing video of influential lectures into pedagogically-relevant clips, and create a user-friendly interface to enable faculty to better use these videos in their courses.

“The grant prompted us to think about how a digital platform could help us incorporate the leadership narratives from over 80 hours of video production into the classroom, integrated with our faculty’s course content, and beyond.” — Ian Lapp

Developed in one school, it could be “clipped” by all

With HILT funding, Ian Lapp, Miranda Daniloff Mancusi, and team set out to create new technology that Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health faculty and students could use for integrating clips from school-produced video recordings into their curricula, classes, and online conversations.

EduClip: The video sharing tool is a web-based platform that lets users with no video editing expertise quickly and easily search and view video collections, and then seamlessly share specific segments through email, presentation software, or social media.

This useful new tool is enjoying an enthusiastic reception among Harvard Chan School faculty and students who are finding creative ways to consider archived video content from The Forum as well as the webcast series Voices in Leadership. It has potential to be used by all schools, faculty, and students across Harvard, and has been distributed to public health programs across North America.