The Connected Scholar

Awardees: Kimberly Hall (HLS), Susan Fliss (FAS), Sebastian Diaz (Other)

Summary: Awardees plan to develop further an online tool (“The Connected Scholar”) to teach and promote academic integrity and facilitate proper citation.

The Connected Scholar is an online writing workspace that integrates student writing with resource discovery and management while guiding them to develop the practice of proper source attribution. A timeline slider feature enables students and faculty to collaborate on writing pieces by giving them the ability to review versions and progress, and use real-time chat and annotation tools that integrate with library resources.

With HILT funds, Kimberly Hall and team expanded the platform to automatically identify pasted text into the writing space. The pasted text appears in bold, italics, and underlined. A citation prompt automatically appears with fields to identify the source where the pasted text originated. Once the information is input in the citation prompt, the pasted text will return to normal font.

The development of this tool helps students avoid plagiarism by providing a simple form to give credit and properly cite the creative work from which they build their own arguments in papers and projects.

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