• Food Futures

    Food Futures is a game-based food and sustainability curriculum for high school students.
  • Syllabus Explorer

    Harvard Syllabus Explorer is a web application developed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning - Research Group. Syllabus Explorer combines registrarial data and syllabi from Canvas to give users the ability to search for and download syllabi across Harvard.
  • Villages

    Villages is a web platform that connects multiple stakeholders around a student, forming an online village dedicated to supporting the student’s success.
  • Third Room Labs

    Third Room Labs investigates distance learning technology and training to connect teachers to kids in geographically isolated communities.
  • Teaching for Tomorrow

    Teaching for Tomorrow aims to find a scalable solution on how we can support teachers in Pakistan in teaching 21st century skills in the classroom
  • Teaching Artists International, Inc.

    Teaching Artists International, Inc. Awardees: Gabrielle Molina (HGSE), Amber Hansen (External), and Pricila Chavez Lara (External) Summary coming soon. 

  • Sprout SEL

    Sprout SEL is a project designed for parents from low-income families in the urban areas in China. 
  • SESEWA Academy

    The SESEWA Academy platform is a work readiness focused online platform designed to equip young people with the skills for the world of work.
  • Read Aloud Productions: Read to Me

    Read to Me is a platform that listens to students read books aloud.
  • Pines/木森

    Pines is creating an online emotional and professional support group for first-generation college students, especially students from rural China.