• Teaching Artists International, Inc.

    Teaching Artists International, Inc. Awardees: Gabrielle Molina (HGSE), Amber Hansen (External), and Pricila Chavez Lara (External) Summary coming soon. 

  • Sprout SEL

    Sprout SEL is a project designed for parents from low-income families in the urban areas in China. 
  • SESEWA Academy

    The SESEWA Academy platform is a work readiness focused online platform designed to equip young people with the skills for the world of work.
  • Read Aloud Productions: Read to Me

    Read to Me is a platform that listens to students read books aloud.
  • Pines/木森

    Pines is creating an online emotional and professional support group for first-generation college students, especially students from rural China.
  • OnBoard: Governing for Equity

    Preparing School Boards to Govern for Equity
  • Music Go Global

    Music Go Global Awardees: Anita Lee (HGSE) and Arushi Mittal (HGSE) Summary coming soon. 

  • Mopi

    Mopi fills this gap by empowering women entrepreneurs with pedagogical and managerial training and resources to run their own childcare centers.
  • Designed Learning

    Designed Learning is a learning experience firm focused on adult learning.
  • Launching Literacy

    Launching Literacy designs micro-learning experiences that impart high-leverage instructional practices that can be integrated immediately into their current role, building both paraeducator efficacy and their instructional repertoire. 
  • GuruBaik.id

    Gurubaik.id aims to change the conventional teachers’ mindset and make it easier for teachers to implement a variety of active learning activities in the classroom by providing necessary resources.
  • Engaging Education for Everyone

    Our project hopes to create a software that allows Chinese students to learn academic concepts through rewarding interactions with animated instructions.

    ELEVATE seeks to create an online learning platform that leverages adaptive teaching to scale effective, personalized professional development in large, urban districts.
  • CollabReality

    CollabReality is a tool to assess and improve 21st century skills.
  • Code for Hope

    Code Hope aims at improving the academic outcomes of students in public schools by building 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and a logical approach to problem-solving.
  • Axiom

    Axiom Awardees: Jay Bills (HGSE) and Ann Zhang (HGSE) Summary coming soon 

  • Active Parenting

    All-in-One Parenting enables parents to put education knowledge into daily action.
  • Instructional Moves

    IM spotlights reflective instructors from across the university using high-leverage teaching strategies applicable to multiple settings and grounded in teaching and learning research. Moves are anchored in videos that combine class footage with reflections from instructors and students, and these videos are supplemented by relevant research on the move’s efficacy, tips for enacting this move in diverse settings, and related resources that facilitate deeper exploration.
  • Incorporating social support and love into the classroom

    Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Lecturer on Education, focuses on ensuring that holistic support is apparent and felt deeply in her classroom. From listing mental health resources on all her syllabi to convening opening circles to build relationships at the start of class, Brion-Meisels incorporates ways of “checking in.” In her course Establishing Loving Spaces for Learning, students are asked to keep reflective journals and share them with a peer to engage in a conversation around their experiences. “Fundamentally, my biggest goal is to normalize the idea that everyone needs support. We’re all works-in-progress, learning and growing, but also with a lot to contribute to each other’s growth.”
  • Usable Knowledge

    A digital publication based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education produced for educators everywhere. Usable Knowledge was founded to connect research to practice. They make education research and well-vetted strategies accessible to a wide audience: teachers and principals, district leaders, policymakers, university faculty and higher ed professionals, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, members of the media, and parents.