• “I Learn Best When” | Centering Student Voices

    A panel of students from various Harvard Schools will share their experiences as learners. Through the lens of inclusivity and equity, what approaches have they seen work well? What advice do they have for when models or structures don't work so well? The panel will be co-moderated by Sherri Charleston, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (ODIB), and Alta Mauro, Associate Dean of Students for Inclusion and Belonging (Harvard College). All Harvard students are welcome to join the conversation. All Harvard faculty and staff are welcome to attend, learn from our students, and ask questions.
  • 2020 HILT Conference

    The ninth annual HILT Conference will bring together a diverse, engaged, and engaging set of speakers and panelists to share their successes and challenges in building equitable learning opportunities, facilitating charged or difficult class discussions, and supporting students as they navigate rapidly shifting circumstances.
  • Operation Impact Kick-Off Event

    This event, took place on Thursday, October 3, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Smith Campus Center. The University-wide kick-off launched a new year of Operation Impact. The event covered the basics of the Pilot Funds and other portions of Operation Impact. The event is useful for networking to find other students with similar interests and innovative ideas.
  • Building Teaching Professional Development for Harvard Graduate Students involved in STEMM Educational Outreach

    Awardees will create and curate professional development resources for evidence-based inclusive teaching that is specifically tailored to Harvard graduate students involved in STEMM outreach programs.
  • Conversational

    Conversational creates fun, immersive environments for socializing in other languages.
  • rankED

     The goal of our platform is expanding the reach of recruiting from top-tier and prestigious universities to underrepresented populations.
  • Aman

    This project aims to tackle hatred and bigotry in India and Pakistan through developing curriculum, guidelines and training for teachers.
  • YourCampus

    The main purpose of YourCampus is to provide an educational networking platform for prospective applicants to connect with current students from their top choice universities.
  • ColorFULL

    Awardees collaborate with educators and their students to create culturally affirming literary, audio, & visual content and curriculum
  • Harvard Chan South Asian Students Association

    We, the students interested in SASA, want to bring the flavors of South Asia to those who stray far from their countries, to infuse a taste of culture to those who are interested in the South Asian art, music, literature, and cuisine. We plan on hosting an array of events: from dinners, talks with prominent speakers from the community, movie/documentary viewing nights, celebrate religious and cultural festivities, and much more.
  • Harvard Chan School Muslim Student Association

    The Harvard Chan School Muslim Student Association’s mission is to: 1)To provide for the needs and interests of Muslim students at the Harvard Chan School 2)To create an environment where non-Muslims can learn about Islam 3)To provide a platform that promotes dialogue and understanding about the role religion plays in health.
  • Harvard Chan Korean Student Group

    To advance the recognition of Korea and Korean culture within the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health community – To promote the education and enrichment of its members with regard To Public Health studies and related issues through involvement and participation in various social, cultural, and academic activities – To encourage the Korean students To engage in other student group activities within the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health as well as Harvard Korea Society.
  • Queer Students Association at Harvard Chan

    The Queer Students Association at Harvard Chan strives to bring together an open forum of students to: – Foster social interaction among the LGTBQ community within Harvard Chan and throughout Harvard at large – Educate the Harvard Chan community about public health issues as they relate to LGBTQ people, and provide awareness, support, and advocacy for the LGTBQ community among the larger graduate student population.
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Student Club of Japan (SCJ)

    The mission of the SCJ is to increase awareness and understanding of public health issues and other characteristics including cultures of Japan.
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Chinese Students and Scholars Association

    The mission of Harvard Chan -CSSA is to promote and facilitate the understanding of both culture and public health issues of China within the HSPH community. It particularly highlights the public health conditions in China and helps Chinese students adapt to a new life and culture. The objectives of Harvard Chan CSSA are:
  • Harvard Chan Women of Color Collective of Students and Scholars

    The mission of the Harvard Chan Women of Color Collective is to unite women of color and allies through social support, networking, advocacy, mentorship, and leadership building with an overarching emphasis on health, wellness, empower. To create an inclusive community space in which members can learn, explore, appreciate, and focus on issues and solutions pertaining to women of color. To foster pan-Harvard collaborations to strengthen interdisciplinary dialogue and leadership opportunities in order to propel our mission beyond the walls of the institution.
  • Harvard Chan School ASEAN Student Organization

    The mission of the Harvard Chan School ASEAN Student Organization (HCSASO) is to promote better understanding of public health challenges and developments in Southeast Asia within the Harvard community, as well as to raise awareness about the rich and diverse cultures of the region. Our members are public health students from one of the 10 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) -Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – as well as students with research interests in the region.
  • Harvard Chan Middle East and North Africa Student Group

    The mission of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Student Group is to promote an understanding among public health practitioners, students, and health care providers of the current challenges and developments in the field of public health in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This region, rich in culture, tradition and diversity, presents a unique challenge when addressing the complex issues of human and social development and public health promotion.
  • Harvard Chan Africa Health Student Forum

    In this 2017/2018 academic year, we aim to concretely shape the narrative of Africa at the Harvard Chan School. Our vision of leadership for the Harvard Chan Africa Health Student Forum (AHF) is to build a tightly networked community both within Harvard Chan and across Harvard’s graduate schools that serves to 1) expand the presence of Africa in thought, dialogue, and instruction, and 2) create a platform for Harvard Chan students to engage with opportunities in Africa.
  • Racial Justice Coalition

    The Racial Justice Coalition is a group of students taking action to promote diversity and equity at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine with an emphasis on admissions/recruitment, curricular reform, and representative leadership.
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