text reads HILT conference 2020, championing equitable instruction and inclusive classrooms

2020 Conference: Championing Equitable Instruction and Inclusive Classrooms

A virtual event: Friday, October 16, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with newly energized movements opposing inequality and oppression of Black communities and people of color, highlights the importance of effective pedagogy in diverse classrooms and about difficult subjects. The transition to remote teaching has only emphasized the wide variety of challenges and privileges that students carry into their learning, and there is an increased need to address issues around socioeconomic constraints, accessibility, and differentiated learning. These issues, among many others, directly impact students’ ability to navigate hidden curricula, participate in charged/difficult conversations with their peers and instructors, and ask for help when they need it. As a result, faculty and academic professional staff across Harvard are implementing—or searching for—new approaches to bolstering equitable classroom instruction in our community and beyond.

The ninth annual HILT Conference will bring together a diverse, engaged, and engaging set of speakers and panelists to share their successes and challenges in building equitable learning opportunities, facilitating charged or difficult class discussions, and supporting students as they navigate rapidly shifting circumstances.

In line with the University’s focus on achieving sustainable inclusive excellence, this year’s conference is the cornerstone of ongoing HILT events for faculty and academic professional staff on diversity, inclusion, belonging, and more. Before and after the conference, HILT will continue these important conversations through our regular programming including small faculty gatherings (virtual colleague conversations), speaker series events, and themed Affinity Group Events. These events provide multiple modalities for the Harvard community to deepen our commitment to inclusive teaching strategies and implementation models.