• Women in Design

    Women in Design is committed to advancing gender equity in and through design. Led by women, but open to all, Women in Design works to make the design field more equitable and open in light of the historic under-representation of women in recognized leadership roles as well as design's critical need for diversity, collaboration, care, and re-centering marginalized voices. Women in Design organizes around three core objectives: (1) nurturing a supportive community of care on campus, (2) creating opportunities for students' personal and professional development, and (3) public advocacy for systemic change towards gender equity.
  • LatinGSD

    Latin GSD is a student organization that works towards two main goals: the discussion of topics that are currently relevant to design and planning disciplines in Latin American countries, and the integration of GSD Latin students other Latin student groups at Harvard. For this purpose, Latin GSD organizes lectures inviting relevant faculty, practitioners and policy makers from Latin America, discussions and brainstorming sessions as well as social activities that help to integrate and to enhance initiatives and students interested in the Latin American region.
  • GSD MEdiNA

    GSD MEdiNA is a student organization at the Harvard Graduate School of Design for students interested in design issues in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Its aim is to engage in a better understanding, current and historical, of the architectural and urban dynamics of the region. The organization also aspires to become a platform for the promotion of dialogue and the establishment of links between the academic and professional milieus. With members representing multiple countries from MENA, without particular emphasis on a specific linguistic, cultural, or national affiliation, MEdiNA critically investigates design issues in the light of political and economic developments across the region. The organization was founded in 2001, and has since organized a diverse series of academic and social activities.
  • ChinaGSD

    Chinese Students and Scholars Association (ChinaGSD) is the official Chinese student group in GSD. It is established and organized by Chinese students for China urban development issues. It provides a platform not only for communication among Chinese students of GSD, but also for all GSD students who are interested in design and urbanism issues in China. Currently we already have had more than 200 members, including current students, scholars, and alumni. We aim to enhance interaction between different disciplines in GSD through social and academic events. ChinaGSD brings a fresh outlook on contemporary China, promotes cultural and social understanding, and expands international diversity of the GSD student body. ChinaGSD will be the executive organizer of the China Trip.
  • AASU (GSD African-American Student Union)

    We are dedicated to supporting the advancements of African Americans in the areas of architecture, design, real estate, urban design, urban planning, and landscape architecture. The group is meant to be a source of unity and strength for Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design with the specific goal of fostering a network and community that actively promotes the interest of the African American students, alumni, future students and the professional fields.
  • Japan GSD

    JapanGSD is a cultural and social group open to all students interested in deepening their appreciation of Japanese design culture. As we continue to grow, we strive to strengthen the communication between Japanese culture with the GSD design community in reciprocal ways. In addition to introducing and enjoying events catered around cuisine, we can bring opportunities to talk with Japanese architects to the GSD, and to visit projects by Japanese architects.

    LGBTQ@GSAS provides a community and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer graduate students. We ensure that LGBTQ voices have an established and respected place within the graduate community and Harvard's administration. Our monthly events include fun social gatherings, educational workshops on LGBTQ topics, activism to engage with real-world issues, and professional development in various fields. LGBTQ@GSAS is an intersectional organization, recognizing and celebrating the multitude of experiences within the LGBTQ community. We consciously support LGBTQ students from many ethnic, class, and religious backgrounds, and spread awareness that intersectional identities are greater than the sum of their parts.
  • Woodbridge International Society

    In addition to representing the interests of the international student population on campus, the Woodbridge Society organizes a number of projects and events aimed at providing a social and intellectual forum for individuals from all over the world to exchange ideas and foster a spirit of internationalism and multiculturalism.
  • The Harvard College British Club

    The Harvard College British Club is dedicated to providing services to students interested in Britain and its culture. Their outreach goal is to provide information and advice to applying and accepted students.
  • Harvard Black Men’s Forum (BMF)

    The Harvard Black Men's Forum catalyzes the agency of Harvard undergraduate black males through forums, panels, and discussions with faculty, community members, and guest speakers. Additionally, they support for disadvantaged members of this country through various service initiatives like the David Walkers Scholars Program, a tutoring and mentoring program.
  • The Asian American Women’s Association (AAWA)

    AAWA strives to address these needs through open and accessible dialogue and inclusive community-building events. By generating discussion about and spreading awareness of issues that pertain to the varied experiences of the members of our community, AAWA seeks to promote the prominence and concerns of Harvard's female and non-binary Asian Pacific American population in a way that is accessible and pertinent to the greater Harvard community.
  • Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association (AAA)

    The Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association aims to represent the needs of the campus' diverse Pan-Asian and Asian-American undergraduate community and be a diverse, nurturing family. AAA organizes a large variety of educational-political, cultural, outreach mentorship, and social events throughout the year.
  • Harvard College Albanian Student Association

    The Albanian Students Association is an organization that units students of Albanian origin and students interested in Albanian culture, history and contemporary issues. The organization will raise awareness of social, economic, and political conditions that affect Albanians throughout the world through: community discussions, cultural (music/food/film) events, forums and networking events.
  • Harvard African Students Association (HASA)

    HASA is an organization committed to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent.
  • American Sign Language Taskforce

    A new field developed in 2016 geared towards teaching sign language to students at Harvard, created as a student initiative and now adopted as a program in the linguistics department.
  • Harvard Queer Student’s Alliance – Trans Task Force

    Trans Task Force (TTF) is a sub-committee of QSA consisting of both undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty, staff, and alumni at Harvard. It is dedicated to education, awareness, and activism surrounding trans issues.
  • Native Americans at Harvard College

    Affiliated with Harvard University Native American Program
  • First Generation Student Union, FGSU

    "FGSU has three main objectives: (1) To facilitate the transition to college for first generation students through initiatives such as providing mentorship networks and sharing academic and social resources among members; (2) To build a community among first generation Harvard students; and (3) To provide the first generation student community a platform to express its voice and to advocate for themselves. Currently working on a new orientation program for first generation students that is piloting in August "
  • Act on A Dream

    Act on a Dream is a student-led, student-run organization at Harvard College focused on eradicating the barriers that Undocu+ students (undocumented, DACA, mixed-status family, and other immigrants) face in realizing their full potential. They provide high school and college students with academic resources, advocate for Harvard specific education reform, and organize conferences for general immigration reform and immigration information.
  • Diversity Peer Educators

    DPEs lead trainings around issues of diversity and inclusion, host special events to promote social justice on campus, and serve as ambassadors for the Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.