The Lab

Awardees: Charli Kemp (HGSE), Alpachino Hogue (HGSE), and April Finlayson (HGSE)

Summary: The Lab is the brainchild of three Ed.L.D. candidates with a passion for equity, inclusion, access and innovative solutions to education. We look to reimagine summer programming for youth in various parts of the world by developing a model that meets the unique needs of students and teachers during summer.  Our project seeks to develop a six-week summer program that is designed to create access and address the significant challenges which exacerbate the education achievement and opportunity gaps between high income and low-income students. We are planning to build a summer program designed to create experiential programming through a suite of impactful indoor and outdoor workshops and modules designed to increase student academic rigor, social-emotional learning (SEL), culturally responsive teaching,  and self-awareness skills.