April 14, 2017. The Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) announced four Advance Grant awards, support of up to $25K designed to extend the success of prior HILT grant projects. Awardees will:

Assess and refine a tool for student questioning. Jonathan Hausmann (HMS-BIDMC), Elliott Yates (CADM-HUIT), Katherine Loboda (College), and Eli Miloslavsky (HMS-MGH) will improve the user experience of AskUp, an open-source application that facilitates student-generated question and answer sets based on evidence about the importance of questioning for learning. Through randomized trials, they will study improvement to student metacognition, self-directed learning, and class performance.

Create and evaluate portable teaching kits to convert any space into a flexible learning environment. Building on the success of the “SciBox” classroom, Logan McCarty and Melissa Franklin (FAS) will create “Teach Anywhere” kits to address common challenges related to teaching in non-traditional classrooms including acoustics, media projection, and partitioning.

Explore the medium of sound in teaching and learning. Alexander Rehding (FAS) will upgrade and expand the Sound Studios Lab (SLab), established in 2013, to enhance the lab’s teaching and learning mission, specifically the exploration of sound as a conveyer of knowledge.

Extend the transformation of traditional to online cases across Harvard. S. Bryn Austin (HMS-CH), Chris Dede (HGSE), Holly Gooding (HMS-BWH), Megan Kipp (M.Ed. ’10), Lori Garg (HMS-CH), Adrienne Phelps-Coco (DCE), and Karina Lin (DCE) will extend a prototype for transforming traditional teaching cases into e-learning modules by developing a new e-module for field settings and convening a cross-Harvard workshop to share best practices.