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    Inclusive classrooms: How can we put our ethos into practice?
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    "Teaching in the Age of AI: Nurturing Connections and Empowering Learners"
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    Photo Gallery
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    Instructional Moves

    Instructional Moves

    IM spotlights reflective instructors from across the university using high-leverage teaching strategies applicable to multiple settings and grounded in teaching and learning research. Moves are anchored in videos that combine class footage with reflections from instructors and students, and these videos are supplemented by relevant research on the move’s efficacy, tips for enacting this move in diverse settings, and related resources that facilitate deeper exploration.

    teachly name

    Teachly: A research project

    Teachly was developed at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) to help faculty members teach more inclusively and effectively. The tool enables faculty to get to know their students and interact with them in a meaningful way through the robust data infrastructure.