HILT Conference 2015: Designing an assessment for learning

The Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching Annual Conference was held on Friday, September 25th at Batten Hall. Thank you to those of you who were able to join us!

Conference materials

This year’s event was constructed to build on prior themes, but reflect HILT’s strategically phased approach to its work. Specifically, a shift from “launching and catalyzing” to “deepening and documenting” the impact of innovative teaching and learning.

With that goal in mind, HILT extended invitations to all tenured- and tenure-track faculty at Harvard, targeting those who are a) teaching a new course, b) overhauling an existing course, or c) new to the University.

The conference program highlighted a range of assessment examples across disciplines and provided the opportunity for faculty colleagues to work with one another to design personalized assessments for their own 2015-2016 courses.


Assessment to Improve Student Learning: Transforming a Large Introductory Physics Course

Logan McCarty, Director of Physical Sciences Education, and Louis Deslauriers, Director of Science Teaching and Learning, adopted an active pedagogy for an introductory physical sciences course and saw significant gains in student learning and attitude. Assessment played a role every step of the way.