HILT Conference 2018
Implementing the Science of Learning to Advance the Art of Teaching
Friday, September 21, 2018
Wasserstein Hall, Harvard University


Unpacking the Plenary
Open Q&A discussions to explore the issues and implications of the plenary session in one of four breakouts
A Conversation with Senator Kerrey

Discuss intentionality, Harvard’s role in the national higher education landscape, and other issues that emerge from the plenary with Senator Kerrey.

Bob Kerrey, Former U.S. Senator and Governor of Nebraska
Allison Pingree (facilitator), HILT Director of Cross-School Programming (CADM)

A Conversation with Stephen Kosslyn

Explore with a former Harvard cognitive scientist and Social Science Dean what an evidence-based approach to designing curricula and pedagogy could mean at Harvard.

Stephen Kosslyn, Founder, President, and CEO of Foundry College
Erin Driver-Linn (facilitator), Dean for Education (SPH), Founding Director of HILT

Harvard Faculty Views

Join a candid discussion between faculty colleagues about what, if anything, Harvard should change about curricula, pedagogy, and educational policy, given the issues raised in the plenary.

Emily Click, Assistant Dean for Ministry Studies and Field Education; Lecturer on Ministry Studies (HDS)
James Kloppenberg, Charles Warren Professor of American History (FAS)
Dustin Tingley (facilitator), Professor of Government (FAS); Faculty Director for VPAL Research (CADM)

Harvard Students’ Views

Join a candid discussion with students about what, if anything, Harvard should do to help to ensure all students have the best educational experience possible while here, given the issues raised in the plenary.

Emma Giles, PhD Candidate, Computer Vision (GSAS)
Hilda Jordan, Harvard College Student, Philosophy and African American Studies (FAS)
Gorick Ng, Adams House Resident Tutor in Business and Global Citizenship; MBA (HBS)
Farah Qureshi, PhD Candidate, Epidemiology (SPH); Derek Bok Center Pedagogy Fellow
Tom Wisniewski, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature (GSAS); Derek Bok Center Pedagogy Fellow
Jaime Goldstein (facilitator), HILT Director of Strategic Projects and Innovations Grants (CADM)

Implementation Workshops
Strategies, insights, and resources to help participants apply learning science principles in their own contexts
Advancing and Promoting Quality Teaching
For faculty, instructors, academic administrators, and other academic decision-makers In this session, participants will review the science of guided mastery, and learn about two approaches to promoting the achievement and advancement of effective teaching: a peer observation model being developed at the Harvard Medical School, and aCareer Framework for University Teaching, recently published by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Participants then will explore how these methods might be adapted for use in other contexts at Harvard, including for the advancement of non-ladder faculty who are primarily focused on teaching.Julia C. Lee, Executive Director for Education and Research (SEAS)
Richard Schwartzstein, Ellen and Melvin Gordon Professor of Medical Education (HMS)
Barbara Cockrill (facilitator), Associate Professor of Medicine (HMS)
Erin Driver-Linn(facilitator), Dean for Education (SPH), Founding Director of HILT
Harvard-developed Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning
For faculty, instructors, academic professionals, and students Dispersed projects across Harvard are developing tools and resources to advance teaching and learning. This session will group* participants into small cohorts that will rotate around demo stations where five of these Harvard grown tools are brought together and showcased. Groups will engage the developers and users of these diverse resources to provide tool specific feedback as well as to think more broadly about how such tools effectively translate into better teaching and learning practices.DART: Daniel Seaton, Product Owner (HUIT)
Flipping Kit: Mae Klinger, Digital Learning Designer (HKS); Janina Matuszeski, Lecturer in Public Policy (HKS)
Instructional Moves: Andrea Mary LaRocca, Sr. Project Manager (HGSE)
Itero: Vittorio Bucchieri, Senior User Experience Lead (HUIT)
Teachly: Dan Levy, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy (HKS); Theodore Svoronos, Lecturer (HKS)
Zachary Wang (facilitator), HILT Manager for Resources Adoption and Impact (CADM)*InClass: Gabriel Abrams, Senior Software Engineer (DCE). Participants should bring their Harvard ID to be grouped into cohorts using an application developed by the InClass project.
Improving Teaching by Studying Student Learning
For faculty, instructors, and academic professionalsThis session will explore approaches to systematically studying your students’ learning—whether through interviews and focus groups, surveys, observations, qualitative coding, or more—to better inform your teaching decisions. Presenters will share their initial questions/hypotheses, how they went about answering/testing them, and what their findings imply for their own teaching. In small groups, participants then will brainstorm learning-related questions to investigate, and ways they might go about doing so.Henrike C. Besche, Associate Director of Curriculum Integration (HMS)
David Levari, Research Associate (HBS); Postdoc (FAS)
Tamara Brenner (facilitator), Executive Director of the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
Simple Ways to Use the Science of Learning
For faculty, instructors, academic professionals, and studentsLooking for a way to put into practice the big ideas we’ve discussed today? This session offers the chance to roll up your sleeves, identify some easy-to-implement strategies, and create a plan for immediate use. After a brief overview of key evidence-based principles, we’ll survey a range of concrete examples from Harvard faculty and beyond, generate some of our own, and then draft plans for use our own contexts.Josh Bookin, Assistant Director, Instructional Support and Development (HGSE)
Adrienne Phelps-Coco, Associate Director for Online Pedagogy (DCE)
Allison Pingree, HILT Director of Cross-School Programming (CADM)