• Science Bytes

    Science Bytes Awardees: Ragini Lall (HGSE) and Aditi Kumar (MIT-Engineering) Summary: coming soon.

  • Innovate for Africa

    Innovate for Africa (IFA) is a nonprofit organization that provides graduating STEAM students in Nigeria 1-month training on entrepreneurial and labour-demanded skills as well as support throughout a subsequent 11-month placement at an innovation driven start-up.
  • InCompass.ed

    InCompass.ed offers transformational leadership programs for young people to develop authentic purpose.
  • Hackademic

    Hackademic Awardees: Sajeev Popat (HKS) and Ian Davenport (GSAS) Summary: Hackademic is a software platform that helps PhD students in academia prepare for and start full-time data science careers in industry.  We’re developing a sell guided training platform that takes academics from research to industry without internships, bootcamps, or MOOCs.

  • tPock – Digital High School Education in Bangladesh

    Tpock's goal is to digitalize high school education in Bangladesh to improve the quality of education in the country.
  • ProjectBeta.id

    ProjectBeta is a platform that aims to improve mental health literacy among parents in Indonesia by providing mental health curriculum made by experts in the form of articles and practical videos to help recognize, manage, and prevent mental illness in children; it is also giving instant access to the clinician.
  • Pines/木森

    Pines is creating an online emotional and professional support group for first-generation college students, especially students from rural China.
  • GuruBaik.id

    Gurubaik.id aims to change the conventional teachers’ mindset and make it easier for teachers to implement a variety of active learning activities in the classroom by providing necessary resources.
  • 1Room

    We plan to partner with local educators to build projects that help drive learning outcomes and engage students in learning.
  • Right to Sight

    We believe that education is a powerful tool to expand the reach of eye-care in rural, underprivileged areas India.
  • Engaging Education for Everyone

    Our project hopes to create a software that allows Chinese students to learn academic concepts through rewarding interactions with animated instructions.
  • Code for Hope

    Code Hope aims at improving the academic outcomes of students in public schools by building 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and a logical approach to problem-solving.
  • Catalyst

    Catalyst is an online educational platform focusing on English for the K-6 segment in Indonesia.
  • Active Parenting

    All-in-One Parenting enables parents to put education knowledge into daily action.
  • 3D Virtual Global Classroom

    The purpose of this project is to develop a 3D Virtual Global Classroom software to make online courses more interesting and interactive between students and instructors. 
  • Operation Impact Kick-Off Event

    This event, took place on Thursday, October 3, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Smith Campus Center. The University-wide kick-off launched a new year of Operation Impact. The event covered the basics of the Pilot Funds and other portions of Operation Impact. The event is useful for networking to find other students with similar interests and innovative ideas.
  • FEEd – Finance and Economics Education

    FEEd – Finance and Economics Education Awardees: Trang Luong (HGSE) & Tue Tran (HLS) Summary: Description coming soon

  • Village

    Village supports and educates parents and teachers to create  local communities for creative, joyful, compassionate young learners who use curiosity and innovative thinking to build a healthy, just and sustainable world.
  • UDLiterature

     UDLiterature is an online literature platform created to solve the problem of student demotivation and disengagement while reading complex texts like Shakespeare.
  • Thrively Health

    At Thrively Health, our mission is to democratize health by empowering women in making better care decisions for themselves and their family.
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