LGBTQ@GSAS provides a community and safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer graduate students. We ensure that LGBTQ voices have an established and respected place within the graduate community and Harvard's administration. Our monthly events include fun social gatherings, educational workshops on LGBTQ topics, activism to engage with real-world issues, and professional development in various fields. LGBTQ@GSAS is an intersectional organization, recognizing and celebrating the multitude of experiences within the LGBTQ community. We consciously support LGBTQ students from many ethnic, class, and religious backgrounds, and spread awareness that intersectional identities are greater than the sum of their parts.
  • Harvard GSAS Latinx Student Association

    Harvard GSAS Latinx Student Association is an interdisciplinary organization committed to building community and providing intellectual and social support among students currently enrolled in graduate programs at Harvard University. During the academic year, the association encourages community building through academic, social, and community engagement events. The association also provides members a space to meet and discuss the graduate school experience.
  • Minority Biomedical Scientists of Harvard

    The objective of GSAS Minority Biomedical Scientists of Harvard (MBSH) is to meet the career development needs of biomedical scientists from groups traditionally underrepresented in academic departments at Harvard University and its affiliated institutions. The intent is to fashion a networking, mentoring, and mutually invigorating society to support the growth of successful scientific careers. Fundamental to the vision of the organization is the belief that the fabric of career planning, the art of advancement, and the intellectual and spiritual excitement of science benefit from the dialogue between undergraduate and graduate student scientists, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty. The GSAS MBSH seeks to foster this interaction by creating a setting which attracts young biomedical scientists at all levels and maintains their commitment as active contributors to the society's functions. GSAS MBSH promotes these objectives through interactions with senior faculty as well as non-academic scientists and administrators who can provide counsel and guidance with regard to various issues.
  • Harvard Visual China

    GSAS Harvard Visual China is dedicated to promoting Chinese and broader East Asian visual culture, including painting, architecture, film, photography, and design. The group hopes to facilitate more interactions among students who are interested in Chinese art and culture and to promote academic and educational discussions of traditional themes and contemporary development of Chinese visual culture. Specifically, we plan to engage in: Bi-weekly or monthly lecture series by invited scholars and artists; Topic-oriented salon/workshop for students of art history (theory) and design (practice) to interact and work together; Round-table/Conference-style presentations of graduate student research.
  • Harvard Student-Parents Organization

    The Harvard GSAS Student-Parents Organization aims to enrich the academic experience and provide visibility and support for graduate student and postdoctoral fellow parents in GSAS. A robust support system for parents helps create a caring and nurturing environment for the entire Harvard community, encourages and makes possible a healthy work-life balance for student parents, and attracts a diverse, well-rounded, accomplished, and mature pool of graduate students. Our group advocates for increased institutional and financial support for parents, provides a community for Harvard graduate parents, and organizes child-friendly on-campus events.
  • Harvard College Scientista

    Harvard College Scientista aims to promote the advancement and collaboration of college and graduate women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) on Harvard University's campus through campus events and campus-related resources as well as by connecting women to a larger network of women in STEM. They do this through the publication of online content, the posting of STEM resources and opportunities, hosting campus events to build the Scientista community, and engaging with women in STEM at the national and international level
  • Harvard College Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Queer and Allied Students in the Sciences (HBASIS)

    HBASIS objectives are to empower BGLTQ-identified students in STEM, providing them with a forum for support and networking, increasing their visibility, and also furthering their academic and career goals by helping to connect them with BGLTQ-identified mentors who work in various science-related fields, including medicine and healthcare.
  • Woodbridge International Society

    In addition to representing the interests of the international student population on campus, the Woodbridge Society organizes a number of projects and events aimed at providing a social and intellectual forum for individuals from all over the world to exchange ideas and foster a spirit of internationalism and multiculturalism.
  • Harvard College US-India Initiative (HCUII)

    The goals of the Harvard College US-India Initiative (HCUII) are two-fold: to foster initial interactions and long-term cooperation between youth from the United States and India and to leverage these relationships to address some of India's most pressing social and economic issues. The initiative approaches these goals through two primary methods: 1) conferences organized in major Indian cities bringing college students from the US and India together for a series of panels, speakers, and collaborative case study resolution and 2) interaction online through a closed social network which facilitates further conversations and long-term relationships.
  • Southerners Organizing Urgent Transformation Through Harvard College

    SOUTTH is committed to enacting intersectional justice in the American South and redefining the national and elite institutional narratives of the South by highlighting the region's historical and ongoing transformative and diverse people.
  • Harvard Latinos in Health Careers (LiHC)

    Harvard Latinos in Health Careers (LiHC) is a pre-professional organization whose objective is to provide undergraduate students with the resources to pursue their interest in a health profession. LiHC seeks to empower undergraduate pre-health students with academic, professional, social, cultural, and community resources.
  • The Harvard College British Club

    The Harvard College British Club is dedicated to providing services to students interested in Britain and its culture. Their outreach goal is to provide information and advice to applying and accepted students.
  • Harvard Black Men’s Forum (BMF)

    The Harvard Black Men's Forum catalyzes the agency of Harvard undergraduate black males through forums, panels, and discussions with faculty, community members, and guest speakers. Additionally, they support for disadvantaged members of this country through various service initiatives like the David Walkers Scholars Program, a tutoring and mentoring program.
  • The Asian American Women’s Association (AAWA)

    AAWA strives to address these needs through open and accessible dialogue and inclusive community-building events. By generating discussion about and spreading awareness of issues that pertain to the varied experiences of the members of our community, AAWA seeks to promote the prominence and concerns of Harvard's female and non-binary Asian Pacific American population in a way that is accessible and pertinent to the greater Harvard community.
  • Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association (AAA)

    The Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association aims to represent the needs of the campus' diverse Pan-Asian and Asian-American undergraduate community and be a diverse, nurturing family. AAA organizes a large variety of educational-political, cultural, outreach mentorship, and social events throughout the year.
  • Harvard College Albanian Student Association

    The Albanian Students Association is an organization that units students of Albanian origin and students interested in Albanian culture, history and contemporary issues. The organization will raise awareness of social, economic, and political conditions that affect Albanians throughout the world through: community discussions, cultural (music/food/film) events, forums and networking events.
  • Harvard African Students Association (HASA)

    HASA is an organization committed to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent.
  • Harvard Society of Black Scientist and Engineers (HSBSE)

    HSBE offers their members career advising, professional development workshops, and assist in job placement. Furthermore, they strive to serve as mentors and tutors to encourage STEM education in the wider Cambridge community.
  • Harvard Black Pre-Law Association

    The Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association is dedicated to providing exposure, information, and resources to minority students, black students in particular, about pursuing entrance into legal institutions and careers involving law.
  • Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB)

    Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB) seeks to empower a dynamic group of enterprising young women, uniting them through business education and experience. Through panels, conferences, outreach initiatives, skill-building workshops, leadership projects, mentorship programs, and social events, HUWIB seeks to expose undergraduate women to a variety of business careers.