• LGBT and Allies at Harvard Medical School (LAHMS)

    LAHMS is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allies student organization at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine.
  • Women’s Law Association

    The Harvard Women’s Law Association’s mission is to support women at Harvard Law School by preparing them to succeed as students and lawyers, while providing exceptional programming that enhances the social, political, and professional lives of HLS students.
  • African Law Association

    The mission of Harvard African Law Association is to unite African students and students interested in Africa, and increase awareness of legal, social and economic issues that shape and concern the continent of Africa.
  • Harvard Black Law Students Association

    The Harvard Black Law Students Association (HBLSA) was founded in 1967. Today, HBLSA has grown to become the largest chapter in the National Black Law Students Association. Counting over 160 members annually, HBLSA reflects the strong Black community that is so integral to the diversity of Harvard Law School. The Black Law Students Association of Harvard Law School exists for the support, guidance and direction of Black students in academic, professional and social endeavors.
  • Native American Law Students Association

    The Harvard Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering a supportive atmosphere for Native American students at Harvard Law School, and is composed of Native American law students and students interested in issues affecting the Native community.
  • QueerEd

    QueerEd's mission is fourfold: 1) to support the study of gender and sexuality by master's and doctoral students during their time at HGSE; 2) to promote awareness of issues at the intersections of sexuality and gender with race, class, ethnicity, immigrant status, ability level, and education; 3) to provide an outlet for the concerns of LGBTQ persons at HGSE 4) to build a welcoming and flourishing community for LGBTQ students and allies at HGSE
  • Pan-Asian Coalition for Education (PACE)

    The Pan Asian Coalition for Education (PACE) recognizes the need to address issues of education amongst students of Pan Asian descent. The purpose of PACE is to serve the local Pan Asian community, to support and develop as a community within HGSE, and to raise awareness of Pan Asian issues within education and social justice to the wider HGSE and Harvard community
  • Latin America Education Forum (LAEF)

    The mission of the Latin America Education Forum (LAEF) is to provide a collaborative space for students interested in exploring current education issues relevant to the region through study, outreach, and fieldwork. We hope to raise awareness about education in the context of Latin American societies by providing venues for discussion and resource sharing in the Harvard community.
  • China Education Symposium

    The China Education Symposium (CES) was founded in 2010 by students at Harvard and has been officially recognized by the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) ever since. Our mission is to provide a platform for students, scholars, policy makers, and frontline practitioners to come together, discuss, and support the development of education in China. Currently, we have more than 2000 members domestically and internationally and 8000 followers on social media. Our organization particularly attracts those who are passionate about and are committed to making a difference in the current educational landscape of China.
  • HDS Low Income Student Advocates

    HDS students helping low-income Harvard students navigate their place at the institution and assisting individuals with basic necessities.
  • HBS Women’s Student Association

    To actively support a community that empowers and mobilizes women to thrive academically, socially and professionally for long-term success.Events include: Dynamic Women in Business Conference, Speaker Series and Women's Welcome Event
  • HBS Volunteer Corps

    To inspire, organize, and facilitate community volunteer programs for members of the Harvard Business School community. Events/activities include: RC Section Charity Auctions Summer Search Campus Visits, Junior Achievement, Gardner Elementary After School Program and Holiday Drive or Service Project
  • HBS South Asian Business Association

    "The South Asian Business Association (SABA) provides a forum for students who want to participate and lead initiatives related to South Asia. Objectives include: Community unification, Education, Representation of South Asia on campus, and Inclusion"
  • Spain GSD

    Spain GSD is a student group based at the GSD, who aims to promote the work of Spanish scholars, architects, planners, and institutions, within the Harvard Community and beyond. The group organizes lectures by Spanish emergent and consolidated architects and scholars, site visits to Spanish-designed architecture in the area, and social gatherings in order to give visibility and bring to forth the challenges and successes of the country in the architecture and planning fields, but also in the social and economical arena addressing contemporary debates. The group also functions as a platform for new discourses and possibilities within the Spanish context to be heard by a diverse international community. The objective is to create an enriching dialogue and exchange, that could lead to innovation and a better understanding of the Spanish culture in North America.
  • Korea GSD (KGSD)

    Korea GSD (KGSD) is an organization that connects the GSD’s environment with the Korean community at home and abroad. The group focuses on two goals: First, it serves as a platform for the greater student body to engage cultural, professional, and academic practices of contemporary Korea. Second, KGSD is the representative group for the Design School and establishes relationships with the larger academic community, including the 500-member Harvard Korea Society, as well as alumni and industry leaders. Korea GSD organizes lectures, events, discussion forums, and interdisciplinary activities in order to accomplish these goals.
  • Women in Design

    Women in Design is committed to advancing gender equity in and through design. Led by women, but open to all, Women in Design works to make the design field more equitable and open in light of the historic under-representation of women in recognized leadership roles as well as design's critical need for diversity, collaboration, care, and re-centering marginalized voices. Women in Design organizes around three core objectives: (1) nurturing a supportive community of care on campus, (2) creating opportunities for students' personal and professional development, and (3) public advocacy for systemic change towards gender equity.
  • ChinaGSD

    Chinese Students and Scholars Association (ChinaGSD) is the official Chinese student group in GSD. It is established and organized by Chinese students for China urban development issues. It provides a platform not only for communication among Chinese students of GSD, but also for all GSD students who are interested in design and urbanism issues in China. Currently we already have had more than 200 members, including current students, scholars, and alumni. We aim to enhance interaction between different disciplines in GSD through social and academic events. ChinaGSD brings a fresh outlook on contemporary China, promotes cultural and social understanding, and expands international diversity of the GSD student body. ChinaGSD will be the executive organizer of the China Trip.
  • AASU (GSD African-American Student Union)

    We are dedicated to supporting the advancements of African Americans in the areas of architecture, design, real estate, urban design, urban planning, and landscape architecture. The group is meant to be a source of unity and strength for Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design with the specific goal of fostering a network and community that actively promotes the interest of the African American students, alumni, future students and the professional fields.
  • EuropeGSD

    EuropeGSD is the European Student’s Club at Harvard Design School. Its leitmotiv is to embrace the conversation around design concerns in Europe. The club addresses European Students at the GSD, existing national European GSD Groups and other members of the GSD community interested in the region.
  • WEB Du Bois Graduate Society

    Since its formation in 1983, the W. E. B. Du Bois Graduate Society has worked to create inclusive educational environment for historically underrepresented minorities in GSAS. Named after the eminent African American scholar and civil rights leader W. E. B. Du Bois (pronounced "doo-BOYCE"), the first African American to receive a doctoral degree from Harvard University (in 1895), the Society serves as a forum for students to meet and raise concerns about race and ethnicity and provides a social, intellectual, and political institution for minority student activities. It has acted as an umbrella organization to serve the needs of African American, Puerto Rican, Mexican American, and Native American graduate students. Over the years, the goals of the society have been expanded to include fostering interactions with Harvard's minority faculty and administrators, bringing together students from the various departments in GSAS and other graduate schools in the Harvard community, and encouraging more minority undergraduates to consider a career in academia. The mission of the W.E.B. Du Bois Graduate Society will continue to evolve to serve the ever-changing needs of Harvard's minority graduate students and the greater university community.