• HKS Office of Career Advancement

    Provides career advice, employer outreach, job search skills workshops, and connects SEAS students to in-term, summer, and post-graduating opportunities.
  • HKS Educational Technology

    The educational technology team at Harvard Kennedy School provides our community with technologies to support teaching and learning and to facilitate innovation in the classroom, online, and in the field. Examples include: - Communicating and collaborating before and after class via the course website and associated tools - Engaging with digital course content outside of class and completing related online assessments to show evidence of learning - Gathering in-class anonymous feedback via classroom response systems to gauge understanding and solicit opinions - Bringing in a guest speaker virtually to speak with the class - Providing enrolled students with access to recorded class sessions through the course website for post-session review - Offering live online office hours with teaching staff
  • HKS Case Program

    Develops and publishes cases, case teaching resources, best practices, multimedia cases, issue briefs, and simulations on governance and public policy topics.
  • HKS Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence

    Provides confidential consultation services to individual HKS faculty and to HKS faculty groups for professional development purposes. Provides case and curriculum development/materials for public service professional education.
  • Flipping Kit

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