C2B: Classroom to Boardroom

Awardees: Ketty Lie (HBS/HKS), Viria Vichit-Vadakan (HBS), and George Oliver Vinton (HGSE)

Summary: The problem the awardees are addressing is the widening skills gap in Indonesia where start-ups and innovative companies are constrained in their growth prospects due to a lack of good talent, while youths are not properly equipped with relevant job skills sought after in the labor market.

C2B seeks to bridge this talent supply-demand gap by providing an immersive training program designed in close collaboration with rapidly growing industries (i.e. tech-focused companies). Awardees want to help organizations recruit and retain talents that will help increase productivity and achieve higher rate of sustainable growth. Graduates of the program will be better equipped to take on challenging roles in various institutions having been equipped with key managerial and analytical skills. The training approach will emphasize on experiential learning, critical thinking and integrative knowledge. The focus for the next 3 months is to assess the most in-demand skills with the biggest hiring gaps that many high-growth companies are currently experiencing. The awardees will do so by doing deep-dive interviews with start-ups founders, corporate hiring managers, local college graduates, and training organizations as well as run training pilot programs in the field, specifically around December this year.