Into Practice, a biweekly communication distributed from the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning to active instructors during the academic year was inspired by a successful 2012 HILT grant project. The e-letter highlights the pedagogical practices of individual faculty members from across Schools and delivers timely, evidence-based teaching advice, contributing to and strengthening a University-wide community of practice around teaching.

Below is a catalog of all the Into Practice issues sorted by the publication date. To subscribe to Into Practice, please sign-up via our Mailing List page.

  • Cultivating the skill and the orientation to listen

    Joshua Margolis, James Dinan and Elizabeth Miller Professor of Business Administration, demands of himself intensive listening while teaching, and asks the same from students: “When I listen really carefully it allows me to push students hard and help them see what they have within themselves.”
  • From the source: Guest speakers in the classroom

    David Garvin, C. Roland Christensen Professor of Business Administration,utilizes guest speakers in General Management: Processes and Action in order to promote deeper understanding of managerial and organizational realities.
  • Learning through literature: “Closer to life as it is really lived”

    Sandra Sucher, MBA Class of 1966 Professor of Management Practice, teaches “The Moral Leader” at Harvard Business School with a literature-based approach.
  • HBS Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club

    The student club for Harvard Business School students interested in Entrepreneurship through Acquisition The ETA Club seeks to educate the HBS community about Entrepreneurship through Acquisition, and provide potential searchers with the network and resources needed to succeed.
  • HBS Women’s Student Association

    To actively support a community that empowers and mobilizes women to thrive academically, socially and professionally for long-term success.Events include: Dynamic Women in Business Conference, Speaker Series and Women's Welcome Event
  • HBS Volunteer Corps

    To inspire, organize, and facilitate community volunteer programs for members of the Harvard Business School community. Events/activities include: RC Section Charity Auctions Summer Search Campus Visits, Junior Achievement, Gardner Elementary After School Program and Holiday Drive or Service Project
  • HBS Venture Capitol & Private Equity Investment Club

    The VCPE Club is committed to providing its members with career and educational opportunities in the venture capital and private equity sectors.
  • HBS South Asian Business Association

    "The South Asian Business Association (SABA) provides a forum for students who want to participate and lead initiatives related to South Asia. Objectives include: Community unification, Education, Representation of South Asia on campus, and Inclusion"
  • HBS Impact Investing Club

    We strive to equip our members with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as successful impact investors across the full spectrum of investing.
  • HBS Consulting for Impact Club

    Our mission is twofold: (1) provide Harvard MBAs with valuable community leadership development through placement as non-voting members on non-profit boards and (2) provide MBA talent to advance critical projects for non-profit organizations.
  • HBS Entrepreneurship Club

    The Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. The club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new and small businesses. Conducts a variety of events including an annual conference, competitions, startup assessment contest, distinguished speaker series and more.
  • HBS Design Club

    To create a center of excellence in design thinking and the discipline of innovation -- including creative and user-centric approaches to developing products, processes, and services -- at HBS through speakers, networking and skill-building activities.
  • HBS Social Enterprise Club

    The mission of the HBS Social Enterprise Club (SEC) is to inspire, educate and connect leaders who will create social change in the world.
  • HBS Tech Club

    The goal of the HBS Tech Club is to make Harvard Business School a global leader in the high tech and new media industries; to build a vibrant community of people with interest in high-tech and new media; to provide networking opportunities with students from other schools and professionals (execs, VCs, entrepreneurs); to support and facilitate recruiting efforts of students and companies; and to raising awareness of technology and trends.
  • AR/VR Alliance

    The AR/VR Club connects Harvard students, staff, and faculty exploring the frontiers augmented and virtual reality, provides opportunities and support for students interested in becoming involved in projects and research, and brings cutting-edge technology, content, and demos from industry experts to the Harvard community. The GSD AR/VR Club is a member of the cross-university Harvard AR/VR Student Alliance, the first student group sponsored by the Harvard Innovation Labs.
  • HBS Career & Professional Development office

    Provides career advice, tools, workshops, events, and connects HBS students to in-term, summer, and post-graduating opportunities.
  • HBS Roland Christensen Center for Teaching and Learning

    Provides coaching, consultations, workshops, research, and resources for case method and participant-centered teaching to HBS instructors.
  • Harvard Business Publishing

    Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Harvard Business Publishing is the leading provider of teaching materials for management education.
  • HBS Office of the Dean Case Research & Writing Group (CRG)

    Develops cases with HBS faculty, including teaching notes.