How to improve the learning experience in core clerkships at Harvard Medical School?

Awardees: Tzu-Hung Liu (HMS) and Fan-Yun Lan (HGSE)

Summary: The project focuses on medical students’ core clerkship experiences. Awardees have conducted interviews with 15 medical students. These interviews contain topics related to learning and teaching strategies which should be applied in the workplace as well as measures that promote engagement and psychological safety of the training environment. In the following two months, awardees will have all the interviews transcribed and begin analyzing the scripts by using a qualitative research software. Awardees plan to be able to present the codes and emerging themes at the end of the analysis. Based on the themes identified, awardees will come up with a series of strategic actions for both trainees and trainers. What is learned from this project will be helpful for all Harvard-affiliated hospitals and can also be generalized to the medical schools in the U.S. and some of the workplaces for the young professionals.