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Learning Analytics at Harvard Business School Online

Tuesday, March 29: 12:00pm – 1:00pm

A primary goal of HBS Online was to build a platform to bring active, social, and case-based learning experiences to asynchronous online learners. It was also a goal to instrument this platform to facilitate learning analytics and measurement to allow for the study and improvement of the learning experience. Brent Benson will talk about what makes the HBS Online platform and pedagogy different, how metrics and analytics are captured and stored, and give specifics around social engagement and procrastination metrics and how they are being used to improve learning experience and outcomes, especially among under-represented and diverse participant subgroups.

Brent Benson is Enterprise Architect for Harvard Business School Online, HBS’s online learning initiative, where he works on innovative learning technologies and leads the HBS Online data science practice, which uses data-driven methods to understand and improve learning experiences.