Research Informed Teaching and Learning

A Journal Club led by the Research-Informed Teaching & Learning TLC Affinity Group

Location: Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, 125 Mt Auburn Street, 3rd Floor
Date: Thursday, December 7
Time: 3:30 – 4:30 pm ET

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In recent decades, research has demonstrated that certain learning strategies—such as spacing, interleaving, pre-testing, and other “desirable difficulties”—can be particularly effective for knowledge retention and long-term transfer. In this session of our Research-Informed Teaching & Learning (RITL) TLC Affinity Group, we will examine a recent peer-reviewed article, “Students Can (Mostly) Recognize Effective Learning, So Why Do They Not Do It?” Here the authors investigate college students’ ability to recognize these effective learning strategies, and explore why students often struggle to apply these strategies to their own studying.

In this session we will first provide a brief overview of five evidence-based strategies for learning and collectively discuss key takeaways from the article. As a group, we will also brainstorm practical ways to leverage these research findings into our teaching practice and course design, seeking to maximize student learning and overcome barriers to effective student study habits. We encourage you to read the article prior to the meeting (but don’t let this be a barrier to your participation!) This event is open to members of the Harvard community. Join us in person on the Cambridge campus for an engaging discussion, as well as appetizers and refreshments.