2022 Conference
“Teamwork: Facilitating Group Dynamics and Encouraging Student Collaboration”

A virtual event
Friday, September 23, 2022

2022 Conference on Teamwork

Solving the complex and systemic issues embedded in our world will require cooperation and collaboration between individuals and groups that span many dimensions, including generations and political ideologies. So, how can we provide opportunities for students to practice moving away from a competitive and individualistic mindset toward a more collaborative one? How do we expose students to different perspectives and enable constructive and collaborative dialog and projects?

The 2022 annual HILT Conference will explore various approaches to collaborative learning and the successes and challenges in facilitating group dynamics. Our plenary session will demonstrate the importance of psychological safety as a foundation for successful teamwork. Breakout sessions will showcase current practices from Harvard faculty across the University on topics related to the effective design and implementation of group projects and collaborative learning. All will highlight students’ first-hand experiences engaging with the learning and teaching environment.

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