The inaugural HILT Symposium opened a Harvard-wide conversation, engaging faculty and students in dialogue, debate, and the sharing of ideas about evidence-based pedagogical innovation.

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Friday, February 3rd
7:30 am – 6:30 pm, Northwest Building (52 Oxford Street)




Welcome and Opening Remarks, President Faust

Overview of HILT, Erin Driver-Linn


The Science of Learning

Motivating question: What research most informs higher education, and how can this research be incorporated into its practices and policies in an ongoing way?

Mahzarin Banaji (facilitator), Henry “Roddy” Roediger, Steven Pinker, Carl Wieman


Break, Informal Discussions


 Innovation in Higher Education

Motivating question: Why and what should higher education innovate?

John Palfrey (facilitator), Clayton Christensen, Cathy Davidson, Joi Ito




Improving Learning through Innovation in Practice: Demonstrations and Ideas

A. Bridget Long (facilitator), Michael Hays, Tom Kelly, Eric Mazur, Jennifer Leaning

B. Todd Rakoff (facilitator), Peter Galison, Alyssa Goodman, Dan Levy, David Malan

C. Xiao-Li Meng (facilitator), Peter Bol, Elizabeth Breen, Liz Lerman, Rob Lue, Jonathan Zittrain

D. Nancy Kane (facilitator), Anne Harrington, Andrew Ho, Hisa Kuriyama, Peter Der Manuelian

E. Logan McCarty (facilitator), Melissa Franklin, Lani Guinier, Jeffrey Schnapp, Shari Tishman


Break, Informal Discussions


Looking to the Future: An Interactive Discussion with Attendees

Motivating question: How can Harvard create lasting (2nd and 3rd generation) and sustainable impact with its pedagogical innovation?

Alan Garber (facilitator), Lawrence Bacow, Youngme Moon, Michael Sandel

5:00-6:30 Cocktail Reception with President Faust