Reimagine African Schools

Awardees: Bahia El Oddi (HBS), Prasanth Nori (GSAS), Miriam Hammond (HGSE), & Aneeqa Rana (HGSE)

Summary: This project envisions the creation of a pan African affordable private K12 schools network (i.e. ReImagine Schools). These schools would provide a lower cost alternative for low-middle income populations to access quality education, drawing on curriculum, operational, and technical insights to lower costs and increase both cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes. ReImagine Schools is an affordable and adaptable 21st century school model anchored in an integrated student led learning and teachers training platform empowered by Artificial Intelligence. We think indeed that there is a need for a AI integrated learning and teaching platform which will be integrated into an exhaustive school model (a kind of “school in a box” or “school at your fingerprints”)  that could be delivered though a franchise model to achieve further scale. We would also differentiate ourselves by continuously refining the model leveraging the expertise of Harvard and MIT graduates and faculty.