Oklahoma Science Project

Awardees: Kayla Davis (GSAS), Rebecca Fine (GSAS), Kate Lachance (GSAS), Jane Huang (GSAS), Emily Kerr (GSAS), & Noah Bloch (GSAS)

Summary: The Oklahoma Science Project is an online resource with the goal of improving access to and promoting STEM education in Oklahoma. The project combats strained educational funding by providing students and educators with free computational science lessons that aim to teach students how to use programming to solve science problems while introducing them to the fundamentals of the python coding language and teaching them fundamental principles of science. We combat the shortage of STEM professionals in the state by exposing students to the stories of successful Oklahomans holding STEM degrees and positions on a blog. The Oklahoma Science Project plans to network STEM professionals from Oklahoma to respond to anti-science and anti-education legislation being written in Oklahoma.