Awardees: Candrika Dini Khairani (HMS), Nanda Lucky Prasetya (HMS), and Monica Nimala (HSPH)

Summary: Each year interprofessional teams are being sent to many rural areas in Indonesia to improve the quality of primary health care delivery and public health service. Unfortunately, most of them never had any prior training on interprofessional collaborative practice. The current collaborative module that is given in their pre-departure training is not adequate in facilitating health professionals in learning interprofessional collaborative practice because there is no simulation involved and participants could not experience real interprofessional collaborative practice scenarios.

Awardees plan to create an immersive simulation using virtual reality technology curated to enhance the collaborative competencies of health professionals working in primary care.  The interprofessional collaborative practice simulation is delivered through 360-degree videos which place participants in a representation of a real complex interprofessional teamwork situation.