Awardees: Sarah Buksa (HGSE), Rose Sagun (HGSE), and Angela Hernandez (HGSE)

Summary: Ethos aims to end sexual violence and harassment using a three-pronged, three-S approach that is designed to: simplify training to maximize learning, sustain impact through engaging a company’s ethos, and synergize efforts for global scale. We deliver engaging and effective step-by-step content, through customized pedagogies, based on each company’s needs and work culture so that the learner can genuinely and effectively engage with the content. Additionally, Ethos acts as a “culture champion” for a company’s overall corporate well-being, sense of inclusion, and level of productivity. Through a 1-to-1 matching model, for every corporate client that we engage in, a parallel “sister” intervention program is happening in developing countries that expands community-based capacity to prevent and respond to sexual violence through education.