Dual Capacity Project

Awardees: Marissa Alberty (HGSE) & Eyal Bergman (HGSE)

Summary: Dual Capacity Project is a multimedia website aimed at supporting district leaders in building their beliefs and skills in Family and Community Engagement (FACE) work. This tool is designed to showcase the Dual-Capacity Building Framework, and bring it to life by using:
An introductory video from Dr. Mapp that presents the revised version of the Dual-Capacity
– Building Framework, which is being unveiled in July 2019
-Exemplar videos, artifacts and case studies from districts around the country in order to highlight each element of the Framework.
– Testimonials from current leaders on ways to leverage funding for systemic FACE work.
– Structural & policy recommendations for districts to build capacity in FACE.
– A detailed map of district leaders so that colleagues can connect with each other more easily.