2014 Cultivation Grants

2014 Cultivation Grants of up to $200K were designed to extend promising educational innovations into new intellectual and institutional contexts, and to rigorously investigate the potential of their wide-scale adoption across the University.

Digital Teaching Fellow program

Awardees: Dan Smail (FAS), Ann Blair (FAS), Rowan Dorin (FAS)

Summary: Awardees will expand the digital teaching fellow program from one to at least seven departments in the humanities and social sciences, pairing students with faculty to develop a variety of course-related digital projects, encouraging pedagogical experimentation in digital active learning, multi-media assignments, and unique faculty-student collaboration.


New educational opportunities at Harvard through online behavioral research

Awardees: Ken Nakayama (FAS), Krzysztof Gajos (FAS/SEAS), Ryan Enos (FAS)

SummaryKen Nakayama (psychology), Krzysztof Gajos (computer science), and Ryan Enos (government) will create web-based modules for a variety of classroom contexts that can be utilized flexibly by students and instructors to actively participate in behavioral research.

Assessing the impact of an innovative curriculum at Harvard Medical School: A new paradigm for medical education

Awardees: Edward Krupat (HMS), Richard Schwartzstein (HMS), Jeremy Richards (HMS), Amy Sullivan (HMS)

Summary: Awardees will evaluate the impact of curriculum renewal at HMS and develop a model for educational assessment by analyzing student data of cohorts from both the previous curriculum and the new curriculum being implemented in 2015.