2012-2013 HILT Grants

The inaugural HILT Grants program was designed to catalyze innovative activities and promote effective learning and teaching across the University. Harvard faculty, students, deans, administrators, and postdoctoral researchers with instructional roles were eligible to apply for funding of up to $50K, individually or as groups. Proposals were evaluated based on the degree to which they were innovative (enabling new educational practices and policies), evidenced-based (grounded in evidence beyond intuition or anecdote), and extendable (worth sharing, not singular solutions to narrow problems). A Faculty Selection Committee chose proposals that included a mixture of these qualities and emphasized extendability in their decision-making process. 

More on 2012-2013 Grant Awards: 

Learning from leaders: Weaving a leadership narrative into the educational experience

This video was produced and edited by The Leadership Studio at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Awardees: Ian Lapp (SPH), Miranda Daniloff Mancusi (SPH), Deane Eastwood (SPH), Betty Johnson (SPH), Lisa Mirowitz (SPH), Alexandria King-Close (SPH), Robert Blendon (HKS/SPH)

Summary: Awardees plan to edit existing video of influential lectures into pedagogically-relevant clips, and create a user-friendly interface to enable faculty to better use these videos in their courses.

Sound studies

Awardee: Alexander Rehding (FAS)

Summary: Awardee plans to create a computer lab for sound analysis that could support a number of existing courses across several departments.

Expanding existing innovative program for assessing student learning in hands-on innovation courses

Awardee: Beth Altringer (SEAS)

Summary: Expanding existing innovative program for assessing student learning in hands-on innovation courses. Awardee plans to advance methods for better assessing how teams interact and ideas develop during experiential learning in multi-disciplinary engineering classes focused on design and innovation.

Those who teach, can: Characterizing the link between teaching and professional competency

Charles Christopher Smith (HMS), Lori R. Newman (HMS), Grace Huang (HMS), Richard Schwartzstein (HMS), Eileen Reynolds (HMS)

Summary: Characterizing the link between teaching and professional competency. Awardees plan to study whether teaching and clinical skills correlate, and whether teaching training improves clinical performance.

Enhancing student team effectiveness

Awardees: David Wilkins (HLS), Scott Westfahl (HLS)

Summary: Awardees plan to use online assessments to improve team effectiveness and provide students with informative feedback about their role as team members.