• Harvard Chan Student Club for International Health Care Systems (HCHC)

    To achieve an in-depth understanding of different health care delivery systems worldwide by leveraging the diversity of the student body at Harvard Chan. To prepare future health care leaders through effective exchanges of ideas and experiences that we hope will reverberate into the future as Harvard Chan graduates go forth to improve the health care systems in our homelands across the globe.
  • Harvard Chan Middle East and North Africa Student Group

    The mission of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Student Group is to promote an understanding among public health practitioners, students, and health care providers of the current challenges and developments in the field of public health in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This region, rich in culture, tradition and diversity, presents a unique challenge when addressing the complex issues of human and social development and public health promotion.
  • Practice Management Club

    The business aspects of starting up and managing a dental practice can be challenging. The Harvard Practice Management Club educates and informs dental students of the issues and challenges in starting and managing a practice.
  • John Warren Surgical Society

    The John Warren Surgical Society (JWSS) at Harvard Medical School was created to foster interest in the various fields of surgery among Harvard medical and dental students. As an all-encompassing surgical society, JWSS aims to provide resources in every surgical specialty and encourages students to explore these specialties through various events and programs throughout the four years of medical and dental school. Since its inception, the JWSS has provided resources to hundreds of medical and dental students who have gone on to match in residency. Although our society has changed throughout the years, our values continue to inspire us to fulfill three goals: 1) Promote interest in surgical specialties among HMS/HSDM students 2) Integrate HMS/HSDM students into the broader community of Surgeons throughout Boston 3) Prepare HMS/HSDM students to apply to residencies in surgical specialties
  • Crimson Care Collaborative

    The Crimson Care Collaborative aims to provide an enriching professional development experience for learners at all levels and across all disciplines, and the Medical Education Committee creates activities that empower volunteers to deliver excellent, compassionate primary care for their patients.
  • The Future Society

    The Future Society focuses on policy research, executive education, convening and incubation.
  • Alumni for Education

    H.A.Ed. is the Harvard Alumni community Special Interest Group focused on Education. It provides a forum for alumni from all schools, disciplines, and professions to share field expertise, research, and ideas. H.A.Ed. encourages engagement, cross-sector partnerships, professional exchanges, and mentorship opportunities for members of the Harvard alumni community. H.A.Ed. enables alumni to stay connected to world class scholars engaged in research and teaching at the University, and helps facilitate the transfer of the usable knowledge generated by the Academy into practice. H.A.Ed. empowers Harvard alumni to make a difference by bringing them together in both conversation and action. H.A.Ed welcomes students and the public to participate in special events.
  • LEAD

    LEAD convenes to explore the research and practice of Organizational Behavior, Personal Leadership Development, and the Teaching of Leadership. Our three goals are: 1. To enhance our members’ knowledge & practice in these areas, 2. prepare our members for diverse careers 3. encourage ongoing professional and social cross-pollination amongst our members.
  • Higher Education Student Association (HESA)

    The Higher Education Student Association (HESA) is an organization devoted to enriching the lives of students interested in higher education and reflecting on diversity and inclusion in our environment through speakers, professional development, community service, and social events.
  • HBS Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club

    The student club for Harvard Business School students interested in Entrepreneurship through Acquisition The ETA Club seeks to educate the HBS community about Entrepreneurship through Acquisition, and provide potential searchers with the network and resources needed to succeed.
  • HBS Venture Capitol & Private Equity Investment Club

    The VCPE Club is committed to providing its members with career and educational opportunities in the venture capital and private equity sectors.
  • HBS Impact Investing Club

    We strive to equip our members with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as successful impact investors across the full spectrum of investing.
  • HBS Consulting for Impact Club

    Our mission is twofold: (1) provide Harvard MBAs with valuable community leadership development through placement as non-voting members on non-profit boards and (2) provide MBA talent to advance critical projects for non-profit organizations.
  • HBS Entrepreneurship Club

    The Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. The club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new and small businesses. Conducts a variety of events including an annual conference, competitions, startup assessment contest, distinguished speaker series and more.
  • HBS Design Club

    To create a center of excellence in design thinking and the discipline of innovation -- including creative and user-centric approaches to developing products, processes, and services -- at HBS through speakers, networking and skill-building activities.
  • Asia Real Estate Association

    Asia Real Estate Association (AREA), is a student organization registered at Harvard University that provides all members with resources to further their knowledge and careers in the Asia Real Estate Industry. The organization fosters a strong community of students, who are interested in real estate business in Asia, not only from Harvard University, but also from various graduate-level programs at MIT, Columbia, Cornell, and other Ivy League institutions. The organization also endeavors in bringing a career development platform in collaboration with other partnering student clubs and professional organizations. AREA accomplishes its mission of connecting students and the industry by bringing a variety of social events to campus, namely lecture series, symposiums, mentoring roundtable, site visits, headhunters interviews, and the annual Asia Business Conference at Harvard University. Since 2009, AREA hosts annual ASIA REAL ESTATE CAREER TREK.
  • Discovery YA

    DISCOVERY YA is a student-run organization at the Harvard Graduate School of Design whose goals are to expand awareness and interest in design by offering introductory workshops and lessons in design to Boston Area youth. The program strives to foster the development of a broad range of design skills and to put students on track for exploring their creative ideas at the collegiate level. The goal of the program is to cultivate greater diversity in the next generation of designers in order to expand the scope and influence of the profession itself.
  • Harvard Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

    The purpose of the Society is the advancement of knowledge, education, and skill in the art and science of landscape architecture as an instrument of service in the public welfare. To this end the Society promotes the profession of landscape architecture and advances the practice through advocacy, education, communication, and fellowship. The purpose of the Chapter shall be to bring students together through organized activities that: 1) are consistent with the purpose and policies of the Society; 2) enhance understanding of the Society, the profession, and related disciplines; 3) improve skills and knowledge and complement the educational curriculum; and 4) encourage participation in the programs and activities of the Society, its professional chapters, and other student and student affiliate chapters.
  • The Harvard Real Estate Review

    The Harvard Real Estate Review publishes work, through the collaboration of students, faculty, design, and editorial professionals, which probes emerging trends in real estate that have significant implications for the future of the built environment.
  • The Real Estate Development (RED) Club

    The Real Estate Development (RED) Club at the GSD is a student organization that provides students with an interest in real estate with the resources to further their knowledge of and pursue careers in the real estate industry. In addition, the RED Club seeks to establish and foster a strong real estate community between the GSD, alumni, other academic institutions and the global real estate network. The Club accomplishes its mission through a variety of events such as its speaker series, organized networking events with other real estate clubs and national organizations, global real estate specific treks and local site visits, and skill-building training sessions.