• Music Go Global

    Music Go Global Awardees: Anita Lee (HGSE) and Arushi Mittal (HGSE) Summary coming soon. 

  • Mopi

    Mopi fills this gap by empowering women entrepreneurs with pedagogical and managerial training and resources to run their own childcare centers.
  • Designed Learning

    Designed Learning is a learning experience firm focused on adult learning.
  • Learn to Blank

    Learn to Blank is a marketplace for in person learning experiences that people rave about.
  • Launching Literacy

    Launching Literacy designs micro-learning experiences that impart high-leverage instructional practices that can be integrated immediately into their current role, building both paraeducator efficacy and their instructional repertoire. 
  • Inlara

    Inlara Awardees: Michel Mosse (MIT) and Nicolas Sanguinetti (External) Summary coming soon 

  • Hustl

    Hustl Awardees: Mohini Bishnoi (HKS) and Sachin Paranjape (External) Summary coming soon 

  • GuruBaik.id

    Gurubaik.id aims to change the conventional teachers’ mindset and make it easier for teachers to implement a variety of active learning activities in the classroom by providing necessary resources.
  • 1Room

    We plan to partner with local educators to build projects that help drive learning outcomes and engage students in learning.
  • GenUnity

    GenUnity is a civic leadership experience that empowers individuals to affect real, systemic change in their community.
  • For All

    For All Technology is designing a device to revolutionize the way low-vision students access the chalkboard/whiteboard
  • First GrAID

    First GrAID is a digital platform where children can learn about health and safety in a gamified manner that is both fun for them and convenient for their parents.
  • Right to Sight

    We believe that education is a powerful tool to expand the reach of eye-care in rural, underprivileged areas India.
  • Engaging Education for Everyone

    Our project hopes to create a software that allows Chinese students to learn academic concepts through rewarding interactions with animated instructions.

    ELEVATE seeks to create an online learning platform that leverages adaptive teaching to scale effective, personalized professional development in large, urban districts.
  • My Dental Key

    Dental Key is an online learning tool for clinical dental education.
  • Convo

    Convo Awardees: Ben Green (HBS), Lauren Aitken (HGSE), and Sherien Sobhy (HGSE). Summary coming soon 

  • CollabReality

    CollabReality is a tool to assess and improve 21st century skills.
  • Code for Hope

    Code Hope aims at improving the academic outcomes of students in public schools by building 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and a logical approach to problem-solving.
  • Catalyst

    Catalyst is an online educational platform focusing on English for the K-6 segment in Indonesia.
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