• BundA+

    BundA+ educates mothers on nutritious meal options and helps to connect mothers with baby meal providers, where they can purchase calories-adequate baby meal plan delivered to their doorsteps. 
  • Build Opportunity Lead Discovery

    Build Opportunity Lead Discovery Awardees: Rukaiya Sharmi (College) and Anna Pacheco (College) Summary: coming soon.

  • Engaging Students with Difficult Text Through a Flipped Classroom

    In his general education courses, Jay Harris, Harry Austryn Wolfson Professor of Jewish Studies, posts two different videos prior to class for students to view: pre-reading videos contextualize and provide guidance for the week’s readings, and lecture videos replace Harris’s in-class lectures on the material. Students then send their questions and comments to Harris through Canvas, which he uses to build the class discussion. 
  • Syllabus Explorer

    Harvard Syllabus Explorer is a web application developed by the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning - Research Group. Syllabus Explorer combines registrarial data and syllabi from Canvas to give users the ability to search for and download syllabi across Harvard.
  • Research-based teaching using a collaborative learning approach

    Manja Klemenčič, Lecturer on Sociology, has scaled a small research-based seminar course for sociology concentrators to one of Harvard College’s newest general education courses, Higher Education: Students, Institutions, and Controversies. While the previous iteration asked students to conduct an individual research project, the new version emphasizes the importance of group work and collaboration. “Students will learn how to conduct social science research and practice working as a research group exploring issues close to their student experiences.” Projects will culminate in a symposium presentation about student research findings and will be showcased on the platform Harvard Undergraduate Research into Higher Education.
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships

    Robert S. Huckman, Albert J. Weatherhead III Professor of Business Administration and Ariel Dora Stern, Poronui Associate Professor of Business Administration pair student groups with local hospitals to address challenges related to access, adoption of new delivery methods, and the quality of care in their elective course, Transforming Healthcare Delivery. This applied work is rooted in a series of cases that have been written by Harvard Business School (HBS) faculty and articles that cover broader ideas from the literature and previous research.
  • Villages

    Villages is a web platform that connects multiple stakeholders around a student, forming an online village dedicated to supporting the student’s success.
  • tPock – Digital High School Education in Bangladesh

    Tpock's goal is to digitalize high school education in Bangladesh to improve the quality of education in the country.
  • Third Room Labs

    Third Room Labs investigates distance learning technology and training to connect teachers to kids in geographically isolated communities.
  • Teaching for Tomorrow

    Teaching for Tomorrow aims to find a scalable solution on how we can support teachers in Pakistan in teaching 21st century skills in the classroom
  • Teaching Artists International, Inc.

    Teaching Artists International, Inc. Awardees: Gabrielle Molina (HGSE), Amber Hansen (External), and Pricila Chavez Lara (External) Summary coming soon. 

  • Teacher Employment Fund: Curriculum Refinement

    Teacher Employment Fund: Curriculum Refinement Awardees:Peggy Walenda Mativo (HBS) and Rachel Luo (MIT-Architecture) Summary coming soon. 

  • Sprout SEL

    Sprout SEL is a project designed for parents from low-income families in the urban areas in China. 
  • SESEWA Academy

    The SESEWA Academy platform is a work readiness focused online platform designed to equip young people with the skills for the world of work.
  • Read Aloud Productions: Read to Me

    Read to Me is a platform that listens to students read books aloud.
  • ProjectBeta.id

    ProjectBeta is a platform that aims to improve mental health literacy among parents in Indonesia by providing mental health curriculum made by experts in the form of articles and practical videos to help recognize, manage, and prevent mental illness in children; it is also giving instant access to the clinician.
  • Primer

    Primer is a new way of navigating knowledge harnessing the latest emerging digital collaboration and intelligence tools.
  • Plan A

    Plan A is working to design a remote peer-based career mentoring solution, for first-generation high school students in urban India.
  • Pines/木森

    Pines is creating an online emotional and professional support group for first-generation college students, especially students from rural China.
  • OnBoard: Governing for Equity

    Preparing School Boards to Govern for Equity
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