Damien Boutillon

Damien Boutillon

HILT Fellow

Damien is a HILT research fellow with interests in education policy, innovative pedagogies, and institutional change. Prior to joining HILT, Damien worked as fellow in the Harvard Law School where, for the past few years, he has collected data from faculty on their pedagogical methods and experiences, and developed a series of web resources that map out the landscape of instructional choices accompanied by best-practice documentation.

His HILT research explores and develops digital resources designed to enhance pedagogical approaches at Harvard University. Specifically, Damien develops in conjunction with the university-wide Teaching and Learning Consortium (TLC) a virtual and validated “map” of instructional support resources across Harvard University, including piloted teaching approaches for faculty and academic professionals across schools.

Damien’s PhD in anthropology focuses on European higher education policy. He earned a masters from Durham University, England and from the School of Advanced Social Studies (EHESS), France. He received a BA from Cambridge University (UK).

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