Current HILT Pilot Fund Teams: 

Arts in a Circle

Yi Chen (HGSE) & Jin Zhai (HGSE)

Arts in a Circle, LogoOur team wants to design an affordable one-stop art education online platform for Chinese families. We want to educate the public about the broad definition of art education and design a series of online courses for families with children aged 5-12. To achieve the first goal, we will host online round-table discussion with art education professionals every week. This series of panel discussion is free and open to the public. To address the second goal, we aim to build online learning modules with the emphasis on reflection, communication, and connection.

C2B – Classroom to Boardroom

Ketty Lie (HBS/HKS), Viria Vichit-Vadakan (HBS), and George Oliver Vinton (HGSE)

Classroom to Boardroom, LogoA widening skills gap in Indonesia for start-ups and innovative companies stems from insufficient youth job training. C2B seeks to solve this gap by providing an immersive training program designed in close collaboration with rapidly growing industries (i.e. tech-focused companies). Graduates of the program will be better equipped to take on challenging roles in various institutions having been equipped with key managerial and analytical skills. Our training approach will emphasize on experiential learning, critical thinking and integrative knowledge. Our focus for the next 3 months is to assess in-demand skills with big hiring gaps by doing deep-dive interviews with start-ups founders, corporate hiring managers, local college graduates, and training organizations as well as run training pilot programs in the field.

College Armor

CollegeArmor, LogoMadeleine Mortimore (HGSE) & Hannah Boston (HGSE)

Student-athletes tend to have a lack of engagement in non-athletic activities. College Armor is building an online platform that seeks to incentivize and guide student-athletes to engage in non-athletic activities through a fun, interactive game.


Yasmene Mumby (HGSE), Bonnie Lo (HGSE), Charisse Taylor (HGSE)

ColorFULL, LogoYouth of color all over the nation do not have access to equitable opportunities for culturally affirming learning where their stories and voices can be amplified in creative ways. Educators also lack the supports to build and grow in their capacity to create, collect, and collaborate to strengthen culturally affirming teaching and learning. We collaborate with educators and their students to create culturally affirming literary, audio, & visual content and curriculum.

Data Coach for Teachers

Data Coach for Teachers, LogoLuis Duarte (HGSE) & Nadine Rubinstein (HGSE)

Teachers and administrators in public schools are under significant pressure to use student-level data (test scores, interim assessments, etc.) to modify their teaching methods. Time is being wasted while educators compile and analyze the data. Our project addresses this through a free, easy-to-understand website or software that educators could use to consolidate their data, analyze their data, and move quickly from analysis to action-planning.


Jeremy Bhatia (HKS) & Maxwell Bigman (HGSE)

Grow.Us, logoThrough training in soft and hard skills, we prepare students to work on projects in a summer internship. We partner with organizations, and companies to team our group of students with a volunteer mentor from their organization to work through a project. Our organization trains the students, guides them through this project and facilitates the learning in an offsite learning center. Through completion of the project our goal is to expose students to models of success, improve college acceptance, and in school learning outcomes.

How to improve the learning experience in core clerkships at Harvard Medical School?

How to improve medical education, student innovation pilot fund awardTzu-Hung Liu (HMS) & Fan-Yun Lan (GSAS)

Our project focuses on medical students’ core clerkship experiences. We have just conducted the interviews with 15 medical students. These interviews contain topics related to learning and teaching strategies which should be applied in the workplace as well as measures that promote engagement and psychological safety of the training environment. In the following two months, we would transcribe the interviews transcribed and use qualitative research software to analyze them. Based on the themes identified, we can come up with a series of strategic actions for medical school trainees and trainers.


Dalia Abbas (HGSE), Jennifer Wang (HGSE), Laura Parody (HGSE), and Dana Britt (HGSE)

KidCollab, LogoOur project attempts to aid students and teachers in dealing with collaborative projects in the classroom. We envision that this experience will take the form of a “quest,” in which students will work together to solve a problem. To address the challenges of organization, accountability, and good communication in group projects, we aim to host these quests on a platform geared at optimizing collaboration. Our hope is that the platform will be agnostic and can be used with a variety of learners.


Candrika Dini Khairani (HMS), Nanda Lucky Prasetya (HMS), Monica Nimala (HSPH)

KolaboraSIM, LogoEach year interprofessional teams are sent to rural Indonesia to improve the quality of primary health care delivery and public health service. Current pre-departure training is not adequate in teaching interprofessional collaborative practice due to a lack of simulation. We want to provide an immersive virtual reality simulation using 360-degree videos to place participants in a representation of a complex teamwork situation.

Life Bonus

Life Bonus, LogoMuhammad Khisal Ahmed (HGSE), Eric Gonzalez (HGSE), Prasanth Nori (HGSE), Tianchun Xia (HGSE), Echo Ya Ting (External), Ivona Zgrablijic (External)

We work on developing early literacy, situational empathy and self-efficacy through parent-child interaction. In phase 1, we would like to create structured parent-child interactions through a children’s book. The book will contain material like vocabulary-building sentences and games, empathy-building exercises and serve-and-return conversational questions. It will also be supplemented by a training video for parents to help them learn the process of going through the book. In later phases, we plan to introduce other supplementary material like games and videos on an online platform.


David Maher (HBS) and Padaree Utsahajit (HBS)

LovelyBooks, LogoChildren’s picture books are facing increased competition from digital devices and have been largely unchanged for 50+ years. We plan to bring technology and research (e.g. customization of morals by parents) to increase engagement and improve learning outcomes generated by children’s picture books. We have conducted customer research and are working on a prototype of a book that features deep customization (the child’s name and likeness as well as their parent’s likeness will appear in the book) to improve engagement and vocabulary development/learning from the reading experience.


Meet, logoVish Srivastava (GSD/SEAS) and Chris Turillo (External)

The job market in India is opaque and inefficient, especially for youth in tier II/III cities. Youth are unable to find the jobs they are qualified for and unable to get the information they need to make an informed decision on where to work. Meet is a crowdsourced platform for job-seekers to share and access trusted and relevant information about employers in their local area.

MentorMEd (Mentoring in Medical Education)

Nanda Lucky Prasetya (HMS), Candrika Dini (HMS), Stephanie Hardjo (HGSE), Jane Tjahjono (HKS)

MentorMEd, LogoMentorMEd is a phone app for mentorship combining mutual ‘like’ feature and matching tags percentage. It is hard to find mentors or collaborators for projects in Indonesia. This platform hopes to catalyze the research through real passion and curiosity for the medical community. Users will be asked for their expectations and commitment in mentorship. Computer will calculate how many tags are matched for those two parties. Users also will be given choices about prospective mentors/mentee, which they can choose to like or dislike. If both parties like each other, they will match and be able to converse without identifying information to reduce bias.


Merry Chin (HGSE) & Adrija Navarro (GSAS)

myDev, logoTo tackle the problem of millennial employee turnover, we are working on a web-based application that focuses on professional learning development through monthly one-on-one conversations between an employee and their manager. Our web application software will encourage employee agency and autonomy in one’s growth by prompting thoughtful questions and conversation starters between employees and managers both online and offline. We are currently in the research and development stage. Through questionnaires and prototype studies, we are seeking to understand what people lacked and what they appreciated most about their learning and development in past/current work experiences.


MythOS, logoTristan Helms (HBS) and Gregory Dachner (Brown University)

MythOS is addressing the growing gap in social and emotional skills among adolescents who are not being served by traditional social activities (sports, theater, etc.) but are instead consumed by digital entertainment. MythOS is using games that resonate with digitally-focused adolescents to drive home social and emotional skills.

New Teachers Thriving

Tyler Hester (HGSE), Dana Britt (HGSE), and Merry Chin (HGSE)

New Teachers Thriving, LogoNew Teachers Thriving seeks to train new teachers to achieve personal well-being, enabling them work better with students and leave the profession at a lower rate. Tyler is writing a book entitled Don’t Be Miserable in October that outlines the five pitfalls that lead new teachers into misery and clarifies solutions. Additionally, we will provide in-person trainings for teachers at schools and districts around the country. This year, we’re piloting our training series for over 60 teachers in partnership with Boston Public Schools and the Boston Teachers Union. We hope to offer online courses and develop an app that will enable us to provide the support that new teachers need.

Rise: the membership

Rise, LogoJulia Starr (HGSE) and Stephanie Hardjo (HGSE)

Rise: the membership is an online community and learning platform for soon-to-be and recent female college grads interested in learning life skills partnered with an awareness for spiritual and personal growth. Our current focus is testing the user experience of our membership platform and investing in key features as well as developing customer personas.

S.A.F.E (Share. Access. Flourish. Engage)

Annapurna Ayyappan (HGSE) and Dhwani Shah (HGSE)

S.A.F.E., logoTeachers serving preschoolers in low-income and marginalized communities across the world, are struggling with issues that are affecting their ability to do their work. SAFE will be an online and mobile application platform that will give teachers access to developmentally appropriate resources to provide solutions to problems facing in their classroom, access to professional development opportunities, and the opportunity to form sub-groups of educators or educator communities connected by a similar challenge or a shared interest.

STEM Finder

STEMFinder, logoIsaiah Baldissera (HGSE) and Debo Odunlami (HGSE)

The lack of students moving from an interest in STEM to a STEM career is problematic. We plan to curate the best free STEM learning resources for students (videos, tutorials, MOOCS, documentaries, career profiles) in one place, and connect them in a way that encourages exploration.


Dina Masri (HGSE) and Haneen Abdo (HGSE)

Through storytelling and mentorship, we are connecting Arab youth with leaders they look up to by hearing relatable stories and receiving guidance in Arabic. This will not be translated content, rather content from Arabs in their native language. We are also in discussing the possibility of focusing on women in the MENA.


Chika Okafor (GSAS) and Keturah Gadson (College)

TodayDream, logoStudents still do not see enough examples of young, college-educated, talented minorities. This situation erodes students’ belief in the power of their own dreams, putting a ceiling on their potential. Phase one of TodayDream consists of a dynamic web portal to connect schools/orgs with nearby talented minorities, mobile app for participating speakers and other talented minorities to build community & foster alliances among themselves, and partnerships with corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies to provide speakers to join our community, as well as access our repository of minority talent to promote diversity in hiring.

Transforming education in developing countries through affordable blended learning

Bahia El Oddi (HBS) and Prasanth Nori (HGSE)

Description forthcoming


Joshua Boyd (DCE) and Michele Rudy (HGSE)

We are solving poor student engagement for online learning communities. Despite the various, online tools for online learning engagement there still lacks something that gets you closer to a real classroom experience for before and after class engagement. Usmosis is an online avatar space for before and after class engagement; replicating a real classroom engagement experience.


Jingwen Xie (HGSE), Jiayi Hu (HGSE), and Lucy Yip (GSD)

xStorying, team photoSeeing passive learning and associated poor expressive capacity among young children, we plan to develop an app to encourage and facilitate children’s active learning and socio-emotional development through gamified storytelling activities. Collaborating with professionals from Harvard Graduate School of Education, we have developed 5 levels of storytelling and have designed picture books and rubrics corresponding to each level. Activities across all the levels include daily training sessions, where children could develop stories for wordless picture books by answering well-designed questions as well as weekend practice sessions, where parents and children work together to produce pictures and stories. To sustain interest in the app, we have built a gamified system enabling children to pet virtual animals in the app. Their performance at the storytelling activities (e.g., the reward points mentioned before) will be associated with the food they get for their animals.


YourCampus, LogoYilan Yang (College) and Mario Gutierrez (College)

The main purpose of our venture is to provide an educational networking platform for prospective university applicants to connect with current students. We plan to build a website/mobile app where university students can sign up to be part of panels and mentor high school students also on the app. Our panels will visit high schools in low income districts to provide students with information and promote our app/website as a resource for students to use for guidance.