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Infographic: Clockwise from top left: Applicants overview - 32 teams applied, 10 schools represented, 47% were HGSE only teams, 28% were cross-school teams. 2nd graphic - More than 43% were in the idea phase of their project while only 3% were ready to go to market. 3rd graphic - Popular topics for the project were: college, teaching professional, social emotional learning, college and career planning, lifelong learning, instructional design, and other. 4th Graphic - shows the globe with where innovsation projects are targeted. 9% are Harvard only, 16% are international, 34% are US only, and 41% are US and International

We believe that Harvard students have a unique role to play in education innovation – both at Harvard and beyond. Our goal with this initiative is to lower the bar to entry for students who have new ideas related to teaching, learning, and education innovation broadly. Whether you are trying to start a new student organization on campus or trying to launch a venture in the free market, we aim to help students from all schools and from all levels navigate the breadth of resources on campus, meet other students who are interested in similar issues, get support, and – most importantly – get started.

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If you have questions or ideas about our new cross-school student education innovation network, please contact Jaime Goldstein (, Director of Strategic Projects and Innovation Grants. We look forward to hearing from you!