Operation Impact: A collaboration to transform learning for all

Education Innovation Powered by Students

The mission of Operation Impact is to empower students to become agents of change in the field of education. By providing students with resources, funding, and connections, we have built a runway for their innovative ideas to take off and have a measurable impact on learners of all ages, globally.

The goal is to provide as many students as possible with hands-on experiences so that they learn how to catalyze improvements in teaching and learning. By asking students to dream big and start small, we are building their innovative mindset and toolbox so that, regardless of their career paths, our alumni will passionately take action and collectively produce measurable outcomes.

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Operation Impact is proud to offer a range of funding opportunities to encourage students to take action on their ideas to improve education. From ideation to scaling, there are multiple entry points throughout the year to help students put rubber to the road and figure out how to gain scalable traction on important problems.

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2019-2020 Funding Opportunities

Pilot Funding Pilot Funds are for early-stage ideas in education innovation. Teams can apply for one round – or all four rounds of funding. They can apply for the same idea each round, or they can pivot each round to try out a new idea. Click here for more information about Pilot Funding
Take-off teams Teams who are working hard and are gaining momentum will be identified by the end of the fall term to join our Take-off Teams Cohort. Take-off teams will have access to more resources, support, and connections to help them get further faster. Click here for more information about Take-off teams
HIVE Pitch Competition Operation Impact is proud to provide the funding to support the Harvard Graduate School of Education Innovations and Ventures in Education (HIVE) annual pitch competition. This student-organized event is open to all students from Harvard and MIT. Click here for more information about the HIVE Pitch Competition
LaunchPad Prize At our Annual Education Innovation Showcase event, a first and a second prize will be given out to teams who are ready to launch out of Harvard and MIT to have an impact. These teams will receive funding as well as a package of resources to help them grow and scale. Click here for more information about the LaunchPad Prize