DO think about all the possible uses of a space - not just the intended one

Lamont B-30 is a flexible classroom where 40 students can sit in tables for small group work and also receive traditional instruction from the front of the classroom when projection screens are lowered.

Lamont B-30

However, the library staff has observed many students using the space for quiet, individual study, as well as a desired practice space for presentations due to the size and easy to use technology. Likewise, Pamela Redfern Choi (Executive Director for Space Planning and Design, SEAS) advises considering both the daytime and nighttime look for the building/space (engineers, designers, and artists tend to work at night!). 

The Kresge Leadership Studio at Harvard School of Public Health, heavily utilized for online streaming events and digital course content production, was originally intended to be a technology-enabled executive conference center the majority of the time. 

HSPH Kresage

The technology was designed with that in mind - for example the microphones in ceiling take the pattern of where the conference table would sit - but its function changed almost immediately. In addition, faculty have found new uses for the room. Outgoing dean Julio Frenk produced an e-book of educational sessions that is now used in student orientations at HSPH.