• Harvard Latinos in Health Careers (LiHC)

    Harvard Latinos in Health Careers (LiHC) is a pre-professional organization whose objective is to provide undergraduate students with the resources to pursue their interest in a health profession. LiHC seeks to empower undergraduate pre-health students with academic, professional, social, cultural, and community resources.
  • The Harvard College British Club

    The Harvard College British Club is dedicated to providing services to students interested in Britain and its culture. Their outreach goal is to provide information and advice to applying and accepted students.
  • Harvard Black Men’s Forum (BMF)

    The Harvard Black Men's Forum catalyzes the agency of Harvard undergraduate black males through forums, panels, and discussions with faculty, community members, and guest speakers. Additionally, they support for disadvantaged members of this country through various service initiatives like the David Walkers Scholars Program, a tutoring and mentoring program.
  • The Asian American Women’s Association (AAWA)

    AAWA strives to address these needs through open and accessible dialogue and inclusive community-building events. By generating discussion about and spreading awareness of issues that pertain to the varied experiences of the members of our community, AAWA seeks to promote the prominence and concerns of Harvard's female and non-binary Asian Pacific American population in a way that is accessible and pertinent to the greater Harvard community.
  • Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association (AAA)

    The Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association aims to represent the needs of the campus' diverse Pan-Asian and Asian-American undergraduate community and be a diverse, nurturing family. AAA organizes a large variety of educational-political, cultural, outreach mentorship, and social events throughout the year.
  • Harvard College Albanian Student Association

    The Albanian Students Association is an organization that units students of Albanian origin and students interested in Albanian culture, history and contemporary issues. The organization will raise awareness of social, economic, and political conditions that affect Albanians throughout the world through: community discussions, cultural (music/food/film) events, forums and networking events.
  • Harvard African Students Association (HASA)

    HASA is an organization committed to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent.
  • Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College (SHEATH)

    SHEATH is dedicated to empowering members of the Harvard community to explore their experiences with love and sex by providing comprehensive programming addressing a wide range of issues relating to sex, relationships, dating, sexual health, and sexuality through SHEATH's conclusive event, Sex Week at Harvard. SHEATH aims to unite diverse members of Harvard's community, as well as the greater Cambridge/Boston community, by promoting open, honest, holistic, culturally competent, and inclusive sexual health education and discussion.
  • Harvard Society of Black Scientist and Engineers (HSBSE)

    HSBE offers their members career advising, professional development workshops, and assist in job placement. Furthermore, they strive to serve as mentors and tutors to encourage STEM education in the wider Cambridge community.
  • Harvard Black Pre-Law Association

    The Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association is dedicated to providing exposure, information, and resources to minority students, black students in particular, about pursuing entrance into legal institutions and careers involving law.
  • Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB)

    Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business (HUWIB) seeks to empower a dynamic group of enterprising young women, uniting them through business education and experience. Through panels, conferences, outreach initiatives, skill-building workshops, leadership projects, mentorship programs, and social events, HUWIB seeks to expose undergraduate women to a variety of business careers.
  • Harvard College Japan Initiative

    Its mission is twofold: to connect Harvard Students with opportunities in Japan (summer camps, internships, WinterSessions etc), and to introduce Japanese students to the liberal arts education in the U.S. It also aims to promote the exchange of ideas and perspectives among Harvard students, Harvard faculty more widely, between students in the U.S and students Japanese students through discussions about political and social issues surrounding U.S.-Japan relations.
  • Harvard iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine)

    Harvard iGem engages with the public in conversations about the positive and negative potential of synthetic biology applications, to dispel common misconceptions, and gain a better understanding of community concerns. They also mentor budding high school iGEM teams in their research and competition and participate in the iGEM competition where they share their projects with an international audience, connect with other teams of synthetic biologists, relevant companies, and organizations.
  • Harvard Undergraduate BGLTQ Business Society (HUBBS)

    HUBBS is dedicated to opening pathways for BGLTQ students interested in finance, consulting, technology, and other business sectors to pursue their career goals through advising, discussion series, and panel talks.
  • FAS Bureau of Study Counsel

    Counseling, workshops, peer tutoring programs, and courses in learning and study strategies.
  • Gender Inclusivity in Math

    Gender Inclusivity in math is dedicated to reducing the gender gap in Harvard's math department through speaker and discussion series and community-building socials.
  • Harvard College Association for US China Relations (HAUSCR)

    HAUSCR gives Harvard Students the opportunity to engage with Chinese high school students to engage in collaborative learning, leadership, and entrepreneurship education, and cross-cultural exchange through three annual conferences.
  • Harvard Africa Business and Investment Club (HABIC)

    HABIC, provides a speaker series and mentorship program with Harvard Business School students to teach undergraduates about investing and business in Africa
  • American Sign Language Taskforce

    A new field developed in 2016 geared towards teaching sign language to students at Harvard, created as a student initiative and now adopted as a program in the linguistics department.
  • Harvard Queer Student’s Alliance – Trans Task Force

    Trans Task Force (TTF) is a sub-committee of QSA consisting of both undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty, staff, and alumni at Harvard. It is dedicated to education, awareness, and activism surrounding trans issues.